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May 27, 2008


Officer responding to break-in nabs dead turkey

(Thanks to Siouxie and sjhaller and DavCat)


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Poor turkey, we hardly knew ye.

"As God is my witness..."

"...I thought officers could fly."

"Adam-12, we have reports of a possible 10-14 - poultry in motion..."

Police said the turkey apparently died after flying through the window.

... ya think!? Actually, MeThinks it went this way...

A flock of turkeys was flying by and one had a heart attack and fell out of formation. Either that, or he was used as an expamle for the rest of the flock!

... Turkey Mafiosos ...

But she tased the turkey five or six times anyway, just to be safe.

I've heard of 'road kill', 'window kill'?

She get to take it home for dinner?

She should have. It was already carved.

Note to self: next time I break into a house in Kalamazoo, carry a dead turkey with me and leave it in a prominent place, so it looks like the turkey broke in and the cops won't pursue the case...

Shouldn't this read that the officer, "killed off some Wild Turkey"?

If it had survived arrest was forthcoming and it would be forced to wear a Butterball-and-chain.

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