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May 30, 2008


The man clearly has a death wish.

(Thanks to Susannah Nation and Siouxie)


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Ladies, imagine looking down and seeing that face on a guy spraying on your shoes . . .

Okay now stop imagining that.

"Salt water" is also called saline, but it sounds a lot less medical.

I'll be sure to mention to the interns that using syringes in the library is not on the list of recommended activities. The list is getting longer and longer every year.

i can't understand why she didn't kick the living shi!t outta him. maybe it's just my reflex actions are better than hers.

Not merely a death wish, but a double-barreled eye socket embedment wish.

*crawls away, hiding Super Soaker*

Booking Officer: "OK, Mr. Pannell, look right at the camera and think of your new cellmate. I hear he likes to cuddle."


"Perfect. Enjoy your stay."

Not that much of a death wish. I mean he could have sprayed a bloggette.

With those eyes I think he's a cousin of this guy.

I hope she wasn't wearing her Manolo Blahnk-looks.

I'm with wicked. Kick the living crap out of him. That'll learn him good!

I love the photo. WHO ME???

Think he's single??? Yep. Me too.

He was confused. She looked like a mermaid in need of a Splash.

and a *snork* @ blank-looks Annie!

*just got that*

*slow this morning*

*not enough cafe*

*working on it*

*WAVES shoes @ Hammie!!!*

*orders some more *'s*

The guy comited a sacrilege, according to the fan of "Sex and The City" (my wife). What if those were Prada shues? My wife would teser him (she has a permit)

Now that is an odd fetish.

I believe that the Ohio legislature has officially decided to compete with Florida for the "Weirdest State" title. Let the competition begin!
Trust me, I live in OH.

um, how come they didn't just take him immediately to the booby-hatch?

Lots to ponder with this story, but someone like this does not strike me as someone who would frequent libraries. On your knees, spraying pumps with a syringe -- does not scream man-of-letters to me.

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