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May 13, 2008


Verbal Warning Doled for Doughnut-Throwing

Key Quote: "I observed what I thought was a golf ball bounce along the highway," a Bainbridge police officer said. "I then saw another and another and determined they were not golf balls, but bouncing powdered sugar mini donuts."

(Thanks to Danny)


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First! And what a waste of perfectly good donuts!!!

Amateurs. They should have given the cop some donuts.

Where is the caption for this Caption Contest? Is my firewall/internet settings/computer blocking it or something? Or have I gone blind after looking at The Worst Album Covers link?

He then confiscated the evidence.

"bouncing powdered sugar mini donuts"


No way! Last time I tried to give a cop some M&Ms I got arrested.

Cat, I'D buy it!

Gasp! Meanie told them to do that yesterday. It's all Meanie's fault. Although El may be able to get him off on a technicality - he did not specify 'powdered' donuts.

"I ... determined they were not golf balls, but bouncing powdered sugar mini donuts."

At 65 mph going down the freeway? Heck of an identification job by that officer.

"Hey, those are powdered sugar mini donuts... from the doughnut shop on West and 34th... baked at (sniff) let's see, roughly 4:47 this morning... he's using that Venezuelan sugar again..."

Maybe he was tryin' to throw him off his scent, like in that Blake Shelton song about the dog.

They were on their way to Boys State?!? That's for the cream of the crop students. Not for donut-tossin' ruffians.

they got it all wrong, it's cookies you're supposed to toss.

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