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May 22, 2008


The foxes living in our backyard are making themselves right at home. At least the babies are. They now come sniffing around the back door and trying to look inside.
Mom is always nearby. She does not trust us one bit. She thinks the young foxes are crazy, with their door-sniffing and their hip-hop music.


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Come on, Dave. Can't you give in and hook up their den with cable and Internet?

When Dave dreamt of foxes sunning in his yard, I'll be this was not what he expected.

*tosses a 't' up to my last post*

*goes to refill my t*

Dave, in the first picture, is that a hookah on the table? If so, that may explain the excessive sniffing. (by the foxes, that is)

Do you still have dogs, Dave? If so, how do they feel about this?

Awwwwww - I'm all cuted out. And I'm surprised they'd get that close.

You should have an open house for them, maybe squirrel pasties and that doggie beer...

Fox are so rare. I have had one for a while now. Here she is drinking a fresh glass of ice water.

i have to say they are adorable...

Dave, They'll go away if you stop grilling squirrel for them.

Sooooooooo cute!

'Morning, Steve. How's the eye?

Damn, they're beautiful, but we have to hope they get wilder for their own good. I suspect someone in the neighborhood is handing them goodies.

Fox news; you report, we deride.

Up here in the Washington, DC area (Arlington, VA), a couple of rabid foxes have been nibbling on people. Be careful Dave.

lil rascal- It's only cute for the first 15 seconds, before (s)he knocks the glass off of the desk and it shatters into a million little pieces.

A family of skunks took up residence under my neighbors house last year, I would see the six babies foraging in my yard all the time, really cute. Needless to say, I was reeeal careful not to scare them. I was glad when they moved out finally.

Cat, much better, thanks for askiing...

one "i" too many, in fact...

Glad to hear it!

How many fingers am I holding up, Steve??

Open your eyes Dave...this is the oldest trick in the evil rodent world. The squirrels have hired this innocent looking "fox family" in a diobolical effort to invade and destroy all that is good. God help us all if you dare feed them.

Stumbled on this when I was trying to come up with a witty response to Siouxie. It seems Hillary may need to court the feline vote if she wants to win...

Not MY cat, he's also Republican ;-P

That would kind of freak me out with how comfortable they seem to be invading your yard now.

Mama Fox: You kids better be careful! There's boogers in there, you know.

Margaritaville --
I think the foxes view the humans as invading their indoor space.

Just wait until they start skateboarding in your driveway. Damn kids!

Actually, the father should be somewhere around as well.

'Male and female gray foxes both provide protection for their offspring. Female gray foxes nurse their young until the young are able to hunt for themselves, when they are about four months old.'


Mama Fox: I'm so glad we were able to scare off those humans, this is a much nicer place to stay...

Uh Dave, you need a permit for them critters in the Gables...

What happened to the pictures? I want to see the little critters!

Yay, the pix are back! So cute! I want one as a pet!

Just in case the foxes make the transition from guest to pet.

awwww so kute.^_^ foxes r adorabl <3

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