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May 29, 2008


La Scala to stage Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'

(Thanks to Meanie the Blue)


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*SNORK* @ Dave's headline!

and YAY for Meanie!

**Snow is a-melting-ooo**

Actually, as shrill and hysterical as the movie was, I thought at the time An Inconvienent Truth was released it should have been an opera...

...I just wonder who's going to play the polar bears allegedly trapped on shrinking ice floes...

It's not over until the fat lady sweats.

*nothing happening here, just resetting my name*

Prepare for global weeping.

"The part of the male penguin will be played by Placido Pinguino."

Will the methane-producing cows be played by tenors or baritones?

Danny, they're the wind section of the orchestra.

They may also be the reason the fat lady went up in flames.

Al "Thor" Gore will play the fat lady's understudy.

Special guest star guitarist: Pat Methany?

Maybe they should email the libretto to these folks; they should have plenty of time on their hands.


It can't be any worse than this -- can it ??

That's got to be bad for the environment somehow.

I think you could make a lot of good operas out of books by former vice presidents.

sounds like a good cure for insomnia to me....

For it to truly be an opera, someone has to die. Any suggestions?


how about him

An excellent choices, fro. I thought it might be spectacular to give the opportunity to the author himself.

*de-esses "choices"*

humbly beggin' Dave's pardon, ya know, if I jumped in there while you were making a mojito planning your presidential campaign bid in the john...

strike-throughs... who knew they were so temperamental?

Meanie - it might be hard to tell when he's dead.

That's when the Applause sign lights up, Annie.

Ba-dum! I actually like the guy. I was willing to take boring over stupid any day. Still am.
(No, I'm not hitting on you.)

I wasn't even remotely serious about that, and though they may not send thrills up and down our spines, uncharismatic yet competent leaders would be quite a plus.

And, please don't misunderestimate my stupidity.

Considering the global cooling over the last 10 years, and the traditional Brunhilde costume associated with the fat lady singing, she might actually be colder than a witch's (British bird)...

Now I understand why we see AlBore flitting through the neighborhood in a tutu.

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