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May 28, 2008


Florida Man Selling Ghosts

(Thanks to Corey Smith)


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I thought I saw one driving in Palm Beach, but it was just a low-ridin' geezer.

this is soooo bogus!!!! the psychic who sells me lucky lottery numbers told me so!

A creative way to recycle empty soda bottles.

The ghost bottle is 10 1/2" X 2 1/2"
strangely, most sales are to women

As gifts, Jazzz, for the men in our lives.

Or, you could just put your car keys or remote in the same place. Me? I prefer to blame ghosts.

Homie !!

Annie, if you just want to smash a glass bottle over someone's head, empty Coke bottles are just as good and cheaper.

(think The Police)

just a step away
from living in the street-o
got to find a way
to keep my goods from "repo"
there's cluelessness out there;
lots to spare
i'll think of ways, i'll sell
bottled air!

i'll make my cash selling ghosts to the world
i'll make my cash selling ghosts to the world
i'll make my cash selling ghosts to the world
i hope that someone buys my
phantoms in a bottle...

woke up this morning
won't believe what i saw
orders pouring in
folks want Casper by the quart-size
i'm not alone in scamming the dopes
barnum's right , a Visa don't make you wise!

send them out , no c.o.d!
send them out, no c.o.d!...

I've gotten spirits from a bottle for years now. Probably more satisfying than this guy's.

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbottlers!

*raises ethereal light*@insom!

Thinking of the exorcists that are looking for work -- there could be some kind of B2B synergy taking place here..

Bottle too tight -Me not go back in!

insom, that was great!

The ghosts are all voting for Dave...just so you Dems know that. LaToya told me.

LOL good one, KJP!

Meanie, I'm having some spirits now, butt...from a box. Does that count???

Why didn't I think of blaming the ghosts for my lost car keys and remote? ... goes to partake of spirits in the bottle...

well I guess this post explains this

ouch! Afkat....Now that is a Pepsi™ challenge

Buffaloes! I should have thought of buffaloes!

Well, on that note, sweet dreams y'all.

Ghost Hustlers!

I take it this is more of a spiritual investment?

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If anyone's incredibly bored curious, I posted a review of a show I saw tonight on my blog. Just click on my name. But be warned, it's a bit graphic.
Catch y'all tomorrow.


(lol, all o'youse)

I love it. This is exactly what we used to say when watching The Jerry Springer show (or today when watching The View): What bothers me is that all or most of the people in these audiences are allowed to drive and vote.

[Obligatory ghost jokes]
I'd say this clown doesn't have a ghost of a chance of selling these bottles...I can see right through his scam...but I'm open to spirited debate...

*zaps* in

Lays (heh) out coffee & donuts for the lazy bloglits!

*fries up some crispy bacon for the ladies*

*Puts on sundress, grabs a batch o' bacon*

I'm allergic to that kind of nuts, BTW.

I must say that you look fabulous, Meanie.

Peeps sell these on ebay all the time . . .

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