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May 30, 2008


Thong Bandits

(Thanks to Danny)


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For that matter, Ambiguous Moniker would be a GNFARB.

I've heard of panty raids (Annie told me), but this is a bit, um, different.

Hey, I'd recognize those panties anywhere. Siouxie!

Morons! You can see their faces. I told them to wear these!

Friday panty raid for Siouxie. Warning to everyone else.


Love it! LOL

Police are searching every nook and cranny.

Makes you wanna take a bite out of crime, doesn't it?

*snork* at "bottom line"

Stevie, I'm sure sooner or later they'll crack this case.

The perps act as if they're high on crack. Usually it's the thong that's high on crack.

and they wont know what went wrong with their disguise.................buttheads.

I saw Thong Bandits warming up for Velcro Pygmies last week. Helluva show!

When I saw this I thought, as I suspect other did, that people were stealing thongs. Then I pictured someone with scissors grabbing on to 'whale tails', snipping, and running. Definitely a crime that warranted arrest and confinement.
(And I won't even attempt to provide a link to 'whale tails' because some poor schlep at work will click on it just as his boss walks in. If you have any questions, google it.)

beanie, let me do the honors...

Whale tail

You're welcome.

Gawk - Siouxie, eeew!
*snork* @ Danny for 'high on crack.'
Just wanna give those guys a cranial wedgie.

uhmmm, thanks Siouxie (I think) ...

Let's just say that I was smart enough to look at the link location before I clicked on it. Kinda scared to at this point.

Thanks, Annie. No sweat.

Aww beanie...it won't hurt...much ;-P

I promise it's not Barry Manilow.

The amazing thing is that, as criminals go, they're still smarter than the robber who used a grocery bag over his head as a disguise without cutting eyeholes in the bag. Had to keep lifting the edge of the bag, showing his face.

Wasn't there another where a robber tried to use a plastic grocery bag as a mask and nearly suffocated?

...or the one who used control-top pantyhose and nearly suffocated? Let's be careful out there!

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