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May 24, 2008


(Thanks to SandyEggo, RussellMc, and Matt Filar)


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Can you imagine the crush he would have had on those '50's buicks - the ones with the 3 holes on the side?

Yes, but what about the cars' needs? Does the alarm go off when it's, eh, you know, "happy"?

Once you have an Edsel, you never go back.

Had a pickup that was always leaking on the driveway. Now I wonder if maybe it contracted something from this auto slut.

suggested pick-up line for car with tennessee license plate:

"i just knew you were from tennessee cause you're the only ten i see."

Yugo, girl.

"Smith is a member of a global community of more than 500 'car lovers'...."

Among whom the most popular brand is Hummer.

"i hope there's a first aid kit in your trunk cause i just scraped my knee falling for you."

I wonder if he prefers doing it dodgie style. Did he do the little old lady from Pasadena?

Is this where those darn motorcycles come from?

he prefers all-season rubbers.

Does he vespa sweet nothings in her ear? As four-on-the-floor play?

Have you made love to a Ford, lately?

If he ever got a ticket for this, would it be a moving violation?

A clear case of autoerotica.

preferred lubricant: KY 10W-30

Does sleeping around with so many cars make him a Cheetah?

Nice headlights... Do you like it in the tailpipe?

Now I understand the old ad jingle:
"Love that Bobcat!"

btw, your brights are on...

*zaps in for a sec*


Thanks all for the well wishes back on the last thread!


Talk about "Paradise by the dashboard lights" , eh?

*zaps out*

Were all the cars consenting, or did they just go along for the ride?

maybe his next "girlfriend" needs a car bra:


hey, baby, check out my pushrod.

or maybe, he just blew a rod...

sex of fender?

*snorks at pack*

Somehow, "piston" is a word that belongs here, but I'm not sure how.

or maybe...


Y'all - I'm DYIN' over this!!!! :D :D :D

*waves at Sandy* I saw your post a few days ago and really appreciated it. :) Thanks! I'll make a new post to my blogspot one of these days. I've just been taking a little hiatus.

multiple snorks @ multiple posts

(Wonders if speed was a factor?)

This gives "Fine Corinthian Leather" a whole new meaning.

away and raffle your o-ring!

gas prices being what they are, I think this guy would do better going to Nevada... just sayin'

Absence makes the heart go Honda?

or Detroit, even.

"KY 10W-30."

Lol, ps. Time for a lube job already?

From a Korean import: "Hello, sailor! Me love you long time, beep, beep!"


Maybe he needs a Florida marriage license.

my, what a big radiator hose....
would you polish my chrome?
new meaning for "junk in your trunk"
kiss my ball bearings?

He should try the Mustang Ranch.

[Happy B'Day, Sio, from cg and CJ]

At a thousand cars, does that make him the Wilt Chamberlin of the parking garage?

I'm surprised he doesn't have Herbie's.

*snork* @ Sandy. now that's funny. (Herbies)

if i had money
i tell you what i'd do
i'd go downtown
and &*^%$! a mercury or two...

"documentary into "mechaphilia," where he met other enthusiasts at a rally in California".

Anyone else afraid to *google* mechaphilia?

Sandy....it must involve "nuts and dolts bolts"

And on the Perky News Report tonight, police arrested Michael "Dakota" Dodge today, after he supposedly asked an undercover detective at the Acme Auto Repair Shop 'How much for a blown head gasket'? While the question wasn't technically illegal, police report that Dodge became enraged at the price of "$100, plus cab fare", and left the store without paying.

hahaha, PirateBoy - and I thought all the good lines had been taken.

...well, there has to be another about the Ford Escort service he hired....ha

AHHHHHHH *beep* *beep*

AHHHHHHH *beep* *beep*

(thanks, CJ & cg!)

*snorks* all around!

*zips™ in, out of breath, 2 dozen balloons in right hand, double chocolate 7 layer cake in the left, party hat sitting askew on head, noisemaker between lips*

HEY! Where's the birthday girl???????? Did I miss the party????????


NOW who are the beefcake firemen gonna give spankin's to????


Whoa! THERE you are, BFF!!!!


Ow! Does anybody know why this fireman thinks it is fun to try and spank me?

What a hoser!....

I'm beginning to think you people are funny ;-)
Happy happy birthday my sweet Siouxie!!! *smoochies*

*flaps in for a moment*

*Contemplates a new direction for the TV show, Pimp My Ride.*

Happy Birthday, Siouxie!

Happy birthday to you, dear Sooz
Have a drink of your favorite booze
And with wishes sincere
I hope you have a year
Filled with beautiful, strappy, sale shoes!

Ducky, that's not a plug for the new "Sex and the City" movie, is it?

happy 34th birthday, siouxie.

Thanks, Punkin!! Jazzzie & Ducky!!

hey Ducky !! miss ya... I'll shoot you an e-mail soon.......Jazzzz

Steve, I think there should be a Siouxie and the City movie. THAT I'd pay money to see.

Jazzzzie!!!! Miss you, too! *Smooches*

Ducky, I never watched the TV show, but apparently it was popular enough (and profitable enough) to bring out its very own line of -- well, I guess you'd have to say Mr. BOB ...

Steve, how funny. I never watched it, either, but obviously someone's cashin in.

*flings a "g" up there*

I suppose the next step will be a set of "Sex and the City" action figures...

*Wonders if hot cars will be included*

Thanks pack! btw, I'm actually 38 - give or take about 10 years. Butt...who's counting??? NOT me ;-P

Wow, a birthday party, too! With age comes wisdom...but sometimes not.

"...The only other thing that he has had sex with other than cars was a helicopter. In fact, he insists that his most intense sexual experience was "making love" to the helicopter from 1980s TV hit Airwolf."

hmmm, back to that sausage commercial thread.

wow..cool! I was #69!

Happy BD, Sioux, you don't look a day over 30! Hope I didn't miss you.

HBD Siouxie

Happy Birthday Siouxie!! And I don't believe no one has brought up Queen's "I'm In Love With My Car". And I'm too tired to do the Linky Thingy. You have been earwigged.

Here we go for you cut-n-paste fans... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdDNFJpil50&feature=related Yes, I know, its a "let the drummer have a song" song. Still an old fav.

Happy Birthday, Siouxie! Can't wait for your movie, Sax and the Siouxie. This guy can't wait, either!

Happy Birthday, Siouxie!

Here's a little something for you. Annie told me you'd like it. :)

Wowsa!! Thanks youse guys!!

Wyoooooooo!! jug!! Wayne!!

El and Annie??? You gals ROCK!! thanks so much for your gift and your "eye candy"!

Ya'll have made my day. I'm off to enjoy the rest of it!! I'm blessed with great friends. Thank you.

El, I thought you were gonna post these guys.

Or these guys. btw - #1 says, 'hey.' ;)

Brad Pitt is #15 and Patrick Dempsey is #2?????
These people are crazy.

it's because pitt doesn't have dark hair.

did you notice that the first 14 had dark hair?

hardly an objective survey.

and yes, i am bitter because they didn't include me.

Perhaps, El, but what an argument to have, no?

fo'shizzle, Annie. :)

pack seems to be paying close attention too....just sayin'


Thanks, Annie. I just came back to add that. :)

They had to post this from a site in Kerala, India?...

Actually, a more controversial story on that page would appear to be

Men above 40, whether rich or poor, will find young wives


Allen - they have to go after the younger ones. Women over 40 are too smart to take them back.
I tried to watch the '100 handsomest' video but got overwhelmed rather quickly.

I wonder if this guy ever watched My Mother The Car. Just askin'....

Annie & El...some of those guys (People's Top 15) I've never seen before. They are all cute, though.

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