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April 25, 2008


You are wrong.

(Thanks to Danny)


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And they told him Sorry, but you're going to be backed up another hour and a half before you can take off...

He was looking for the early bird special at Denny's.

Police do not believe Friday's ''breach of security'' was terrorism related.----Then they do not know old people.

They told him at the ticket counter that his gate was waaaaaay on the other side of the terminal. So he did the smart thing and drove himself thru to the gate.

Since when is there a Missing In Action runway?

Was his left or right turn signal on as he drove along the runway? Shoddy reporting.

Good to see that the anti-terrorist measures are working so well.

All humor aside, it's good to see someone acting with some common sense and quickly restoring calm - in Chicagoland we'd have backed up for hours.

And you know that somewhere he has family members who are hoping they won't take his license away.

A 'black Chevrolet Cobalt'? How about the gold, 4-door Ford Taurus, did they just leave that on the runway?

I live here (FL, west coast, Clearwater area) and while at the DMV last week heard the nice eye exam lady say to her clearly confused elderly gentleman customer, "read it again, but this time say C". I made sure I left before he did.

''It's a possibility that this guy lost his way or was disoriented,'' said Miami-Dade Detective Robert Williams, a spokesman.

Gee, ya think?

Well, I am certainly glad I live here in New Jersey, where the elderly practice before moving to Florida.... Sigh....

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your nitro pill and put your helmet on

"Miami Tower, this is American Airlines 8724 heavy, on the threshold of runway 27."

"Roger, American 8724, you are number three for takeoff, after the Southwest 727 and the green Chevy SUV. Have a nice flight."

I'm sure his GPS guided him there.


Florida is filled with disoriented drivers. However. Please come to CA and witness our problem of disorientation in regards to the licensed driving public. For instance, the last guy that did major damage to my wife's car claimed at the scene to the responding officer, "the light was blue (boo)?" He was wrong of course and we contacted his imnsurance company for payment. The copmpany was a fake insurance company! Did not exist! So, we needed the assistance of a lawyer to explain to 'our' insurance company we were covered under the 'uninsured motorist clause' in our 'real' insurance policy. Disoriented, you bet. Boo.

*WAVES geezer pass @ Hammie!!!*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

cf. the movie Airplane:
"Arriving Gate 14... Gate 15... Gate 16... Gate 17..."

The light was boo?


Now that's a great excuse.

lilrascal - you are describing my college experience. The campus streets were actually city streets, so anyone could drive on them. At night, the main drag became a drag strip. If you were unfortunate enough to get stuck parking there, you'd have no side mirror, the streetside rims would get knocked off, and the pain and windows would get destroyed. Occasionally the campus "police" would pull them over. The license and insurance were always fake. The craziness slowed down when one of the race cars was the campus police chief's stolen personal car (stolen from the front of the station, of course) Why this person decided to race in a Saturn is beyond me.

hahaha Allen!

Another day, another disoriented senior crash....

'64 Chebie. Grocery store comes into view. Old lady walkig on sidewalk carrying large bag filled to top with groceries. Leafy celery stalk sticking out top of her bag. Approach at 40 MPH. Turn off engine. Pump gas pedal to the floor over and over flooding carburetor. Pull alongside Lady and stalk of celery. Turn on engine. Baaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnng! Car backfires. Lady thinks she has been shot. Lettice is in street being run over as we exit. Har.

Yes, the man told the police the light was boo (blue) so He turned left into oncoming traffic, my wife. When my wife told me I didn't believe her. It was written in the report. Korean driver. International driver's license. Fake insurance company. Our insurance company was 'forced' to pay the repair costs to our car. Uninsured motorists.

Ver smart of MIA to announce when the new security would be up and running. Terrorists take note.

*eye roll*

Interesting to see that the journalistic standards @ the Herald have not changed much ...

Quote: There was a time that those were adequate sufficient,

Yup ... too bad they don't give a Pulitzer for proper usage or spelling ...

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