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April 29, 2008


Seriously, what is WRONG with them?

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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We had that happen to a young woman walking to chapel one day when I was in college.

No one complained when she said a really bad word when the goose droppings hit her.

I've been nailed by a pigeon in San Francisco. It didn't cost me $180 though.

Paging Mike Rowe.

I've intentionally spread poo in my garden, never on my face. They'd have to pay me...


I don't understand what the flap is all about . . .

Here are some earrings to go with

Here are some earrings to go with

How did THAT happen? How did THAT happen?

All they gotta do is stand around any given park where pigeons hang out and look up. Like Shan said, it's gratis.

Uguisu no fun. Really no fun.

Not-so-shy-Jan: I got hit by a seagull in SF. What is it with that place?

ps: uguisu no fun is the perfect name.

The Japanese powder, also known as uguisu no fun...
-no kidding.

Even better than Nightingale droppings, try Unicorn Ear Wax. I just happen to have a small inventory available for $100 a can plus S&H.

To be fair to women, I'll point out that if bird poop built muscle tissue, young men would be injecting it in their gluteus moronicuses on their way to the gym.

pad - you nailed it. And when that bird nailed my pal Christa in junior high, who knew she was saving herself so much money!

I've heard of having egg on your face but...

guanine, as in guano. duhhhh on you

As a female of Irish descent, I took it as a sign when I was sunbathing during my youth, and got a big ol' splat of bird squishy right in the belly button. It's HARD getting that GUNK outta an innie.

There is an egret rookery here at the school. I'm gonna be one reeeich beeeitch!!! Wait, does this involve me having to actually touch bird droppings? Uh, never mind, I'll just wait for my economic stimulus check.

Ooo, and Hi Diva!! LTNS!

What a bunch of bird-brained twits, paying good money to have droppings intentionally spread on their faces, or any other parts of their anatomy.


Not all facials are bad.

If bird poop is good stuff, why do I hate it on my car?

Hmmmm. Nightingales, last seen in NYC or Tokyo, ummm, never. Pigeon crap everywhere in abundance. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do.

I know what I'm not going to do: click on any Annie links.

I don't care if it *is* creamy and rich. So is ice cream, but I'm not putting that on my face, either.

Hey, who doesn't love to get shitfaced?

Snork at dot-dot-dot!

I can't believe I once paid good money (ok, it was part of a spa package and Mr. R. actually paid the good money) for a seaweed facial.

You now what was surprising?

It smelled like seaweed.

Who knew? Gaaaacccckkkk!

CJ, I never click on any of Annie's links. It's the smart way to go. :)

My Dad was once a best man at an outdoor wedding. I have a photo of him getting an impromptu facial as the wedding party was being photographed beneath a tree, although it was probably no nightingale.

Talk about priceless.

For $200 even, you can pick the faeces species.

Bird poop can actually be dangerous and can carry nasty diseases.

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