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April 29, 2008


He has gone beyond honey.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Woo-hooo! Beer's on me!

I'm just a little (hic) raincloud . . .

YAY! Annie got posted!

Don't pay any attention to me. Nobody ever does. *falls off bar stool unconscious*

"...extra fee occurs!" I hate when that happens.

Poo Beer.

with an "h" on the end.

Ohhhh wow. Just what I want on my beer glasses. (not)

*snork* @ Renee & Eeyore. Come on, Fortunata, unclench and let Tigger buy you a beer.

Honestly Tigger is the one character in the 100 Aker Woods that needs a few beers. Dude seriously needs to lay off the Starbucks triple mocha lattes.

Damn straight man, gimme a beer NOW ... !

I am honored to receive a snork from the lady of the hour. Congrats on being posted, Annie!

Maybe they're for drinking mead ... ya know, beer made from honey?

OK, never mind ...

You'd think rum would be the drink of choice.

Tut, tut. Looks like beer.

*sigh* Oh, lager....

Funniegrrl, that occurred to me too. Do we get geek points?

group hug etching on beer pitchers?


what's next?

floral etching on tank armor?

*snork* Oh, Meanie. I had been trying to think of something clever to type using "oh, bother" but couldn't. Gracias!

AWBH....did you say "bears" on me ?

Spill in the BlogBar; somebody mop up Annie!

pack - hush up and drink.
The beer that bears repeating....urp.

OK, I don't drink and even I think these shot glasses are cool ...

Damn skippy, Renee! :D

OK, what if the characters in Winnie the Pooh were superimposed with the characters from Cheers? Best I could match so far is Christopher Robin as Sam Malone because of the hair and lack of drinking and Winnie as Norm Peterson because both will go out of their way for honey/beer.

I guess Cliff would be Tigger because neither ever stops for breath (or stops bugging people).

You take your eyes off them for one minute...

Somebody call Larry a cab to take him back to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Did somebody call my name?


*Slinks in®*

(For you, Steve)

Just don't drink too much, Pooh. You know what happened last time.

Does Winnie's wife know he drinks?

I'm calling her right now!

Let the bum stay out, I've got company (IYKWIM, AITYD).

Pooh Bear Beer

Cat, I posted some more stuff on Peter and the Wolf back on the seat-sniffing thread...

(You know, that doesn't look right somehow...)

I saw it -- bravo!

"Where's Piglet? I'm gonna *hic* need a ride home."

Congrats to Annie for getting posted. I'm too brain dead from watching CG paint all day to think of anything funny to say. :)

Hey Steve, I left you a message on what I now call the "Wagner" thread. :)


(I have a beer pitcher stuck on my head)

Sounds better than seat-sniffing thread, Eleanor!


Do NOT upload the Vista SP1 and I don't think it's possible to upload XP SP3 except from old links, but don't do that either. There are too many links to give you any adequate background, but MS will be putting out new fixes very soon.

This ends your "I hope you didn't already waste a bunch of time" update.

I thought everyone was out playing Grand Theft Auto IV today. Didn't realize there was a new version of Vista out right now.

Vista users:

OK, I'm sorry to stay with this for another moment, but this is the word for Vista users from MS:

"While we are recommending that customers running Microsoft Dynamics RMS should not install SP1, there are many other customers who can benefit from installing Windows Vista SP1 immediately, so we are maintaining availability...."

So MS thinks you should patch immediately, anyway, even though they will be making another fix available to address the problem that was found in RMS, software that only Retail Management folks use.

XP users still don't update.

OK, I'll stop being nerdy now. (not really)

What I heard is that Windows XP is being discontinued, or at best phased out ... ? That's gonna suck if I can't get any help from IT ...

*slides another beer pitcher over CJ's head*

*sips icy beer*

Carry on, troops.

Slide that pitcher over my head Siouxie. I need to get a little numb before the Rockets play the Utah Polygamists tonight. I refuse to reference them as the Jazz since the Mormon Tabernacle Choir doesn't perform Louis Armstrong's greatest hits.

Is that an upgraded pitcher Siouxie?
Evening All

Steve - I heard the same. Don't tell CJ. What I don't get is how you manage to get help from IT now..
Siouxie - careful - you nearly caught that pitcher on his propeller hat.

Annie, I used his protractor to help me get that on there.

*whacks Rick upside the head with Annie's Vista*

Well, getting whacked by Vista is far worse than....*no link at this time*

Doc - now, you've hit on a pet sports peeve of mine. The Utah Jazz (formerly the New Orleans Jazz)? WTF? The Los Angeles Lakers, fergodsake? Yes, the Minneapolis Lakers made sense, but L.A. Lakers - where is the connection?

OK, move your team and transfer a generic name (Giants, Dodgers, Colts, Athletics, etc.): fine. But keeping "Jazz" for Utah and "Lakers" after they've moved from the Land-o-Lakes? Hello???

/end once-a-year foaming at the mouth sports rant from Meanie

No, XP is being fully supported, at least for another year or two.

Whats changing is that MS is stopping the distribution of XP to computer builders that sell corporate machines in the future; they're still building and selling PCs with XP for home users and will continue to support it. Interestingly, MS seems to be stepping back from Vista, to my ear. I don't follow much Vista stuff, because XP works and that's all I ask. The rest is for the truly nerdy to resolve. I just want something that works reliably.

Hey, Meanie - how are the New York Giants doing these days?
*upgraded pitcher? - grumble, grumble*

Last note before I get run by the kiddos for the night. My 6 year old came up to me today wanting to hear the "Iron Man" song. Since I don't watch commercials very much anymore I thought it was a new song from the movie. My wife then informed me it was the Black Sabbath song they were using in the commercials. So now my 6 year old wants to listen to early Ozzy Osborne because it's in a movie. I don't know whether to be frightened or thrilled or both.

Both Doc. But, you know you are doing something right when they start borrowing your old Dylan and Grateful Dead stuff. Thankfully, my son has never asked about playing the Rick Springfield LP....

Both Doc. But, you know you are doing something right when they start borrowing your old Dylan and Grateful Dead stuff. Thankfully, my son has never asked about playing the Rick Springfield LP....

Rick, I'd be thrilled. I can't wait to see that movie. I love the fact that my girls have gotten into some of my old classic rock favs. (Queen, Styx, Heart, Frampton - not to mention the man from NY himself...Billy Joel.

Ohh..oh...and they Beatles! My youngest plays 'em every morning as she's getting ready for school. I've taught them well.

um..minus the Y.

My youngest's vocal music spring conset is nest week, and I've been hearing Journey,Beatles, and there faves around the house. She has a solo in "Ticket To Ride"! Yay, Kidlet!

My youngest's vocal music spring concert is next week, and I've been hearing Journey,Beatles, and there faves around the house. She has a solo in "Ticket To Ride"! Yay, Kidlet!

I'm stuttering a lot today...

Both boys on guitar...."Smoke on the Water"

You do understand, don't you, that somewhere in this country some little girl is saying "Mama, can I listen to your old Barry Manilow albums?" ...

Steve killed the thread.

...only if she has her hair permed, lots of makeup, a sash, and a pageant gown on.

Now, I know little boys like that and they don't concern me (until next week, when you catch them with gasoline and a lighter)- short attention span. It's the indoctrinated little gals we need to assist.

I'm sowwy

Awwwwwww! Okay.

*smacks* Steve!

I have never shown my girls the one and only BM album I own. They will NEVER know! HEAR ME!!!???

And on that note...I must get my beautimous sleep.

Hasta tomorrow! Sweet dreams all.

Night Siouxie! *smooches*

*swigs a whole glass of root beer to dull the pain*

A Barry Manilow album and a machete -- most frightening combo I can imagine ...

Why won't my pushup push up? (the popsicle one)

El, have you considered Vi@gra?

Oh, BM = Barry Manilow!

I thought it meant ...well, never mind.

CJ, I fixed all my Vista problems. I got a Mac.

Drink different.

Don't use Cialis, you'll be working on that thing the rest of the week.

Cialis fixes Vista? Who knew?

From the ads, I thought Cialis fixed everything.

Maybe if you have a joystick....

Night, Annie!

*tucks joystick into bed*

I started on punch-card machines (in Florida!), then went to an Apple, then Texas Instruments, then Microsoft. I have already made all of the wrong choices.

I use Mac/Tiger/Safari (haven't tried Leopard), but I like XP better. Mac is vastly superior for image and music stuff, but I don't do much of that.

I think the new thing will be MS going over to a subscription service, so they don't have to keep selling new operating systems. They'll charge a few bucks a month to keep people like me happy, just typing and making figures/tables with the existing applications.

Blogging as a science-guy, I want they opposite of the 'cutting edge' of technology and that's called 'state of the art'. That means everybody has that technology and everybody can see what I'm doing. That's the single-most important thing in what I do for work, that ability for people using standard software to look at something I've done and say, "Wait a minute; in cell H34 you have summed B18:B34, and that doesn't include the natural attenuation you describe in paragraph 17", or some such nerdly-nonsense. The point being, I want the most commonly-used and standard means of displaying text, figures, and tables, so that peers can review and poke holes in my work. I assume that most professions would want the same sorts of things, unless they are creative and trying to be separate.

Yes, I think about these things way too much, but I am also cleaning between posts and should probably increase the ventilation between me and the tile cleaner. Or not; maybe I should create a spreadsheet on that....

Honest to goodness I should know what CJ is talking about but I was too tied up with intramurals to learn the new fangled computer thingys. That being said it's off to watching highlights of the Houston Rockets kicking the Utah Milk and Multiple Wives team in the junk one more time. Nite all! ;)

*Slinks in®*

*Makes coffee,*

*puts out the paper,*

*Makes toast.*

Morning, blogits!

Buenos dias!

I see CJ can still ramble blog whilst sniffing cleaning chemicals.

*adds crispy bacon and croissants to the table*

Also is into CD/DVDs

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