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April 30, 2008


Earth is losing dirt at an alarming rate

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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So that's where it all went?

I need another useless documentary to watch pronto. Send Al Gore the link immediately.

So this wuz old news 40 years ago ... and they're merely hearin' about it now?

The last sentence of the story is a truer summation of the problem, IMHO ...

In all seriousness... two words: "dams" and "levies". In most parts of the world, where farming is done in flat river valleys, topsoil is normally replenished by spring floods. Those don't happen they way they used to anymore, because rivers have been "tamed" by dams and channeled by levies.

And this:

The United Nations has warned of worldwide soil degradation -- especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where soil loss has contributed to the rapidly increasing number of malnourished people.

That is hardly the whole truth, as petty tyrants and near-constant civil wars have done far more damage to food production than erosion.

Acturally, I never watched the first one because I felt it was dirt. Well, I watched one minute and thirty seconds. Maybe. Doe Michael Moore read the blog or correspond with the blog? If He does, psssssssssssssst.

Somebody told me how frightening it was how much topsoil we are losing each year, but I told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared. -Jack Handey

some of us are working while you guys are over here reading dirty stories...

"Healthy topsoil is a biological matrix, a housing complex for an incredibly diverse community of organisms -- billions of beneficial microbes per handful, nitrogen-fixing fungi, nutrients and earthworms whose digestive tracts transform the fine grains of sterile rock and plant detritus into the fertile excrement that gave rise to the word itself ("drit," in Old Norse)."

i bet he's a real hoot at parties.

If the world needs more dirt then I'm willing to listen to bids. My boys room has plenty to go around. The auction starts at One MILLLLION dollars.

"It's hard to get people to pay much attention to this because, frankly, most of us take soil for granted."

[[scraping mud off bottom of boot]]

i'm sorry, what were you saying?

New Orleans had plenty of topsoil replenishment a couple of years back, but they didn't like it, don't farm much, and we paid to shovel it back in the river.

Yeah, he's a real fun-gi.

CJ - you can't shovel that stuff back into the river - that's polluting.

True story, I collected the samples and ran the analyticals and they weren't 'clean'. However, they were essentially identical with 'background samples from the City and the River, so it became more of a location issue. It wasn't conveniently located when it was in the houses.

This question has an answer. The dirt goes here.

I just sat at a ballpark in Jenks, Oklahoma, in the middle of a windstorm, watching my kid play baseball. I am happy to report that there is no shortage of dirt here. Most of it ended up either on the kids, or in the hair and teeth of the spectators.

Becky, what missed you, landed here in Duncan. Thanks.

becky, as a native Okie, that wasn't dirt... it was clay. ;)

Snork @ punkin.

Dirty Martini, anyone? The squirrel has the shaker, but I have sum Guy's peanuts to trade.

Pour me one or three please Med. Its been an ugly day.
Evening all

One for me, Med? I'm planning on an ugly day tomorrow.

Med better get busy, there are some thirsty folks waiting. Hiya Bali

*slides two dirty martini's, straight up across the blog bar and slugs one for herself*

Me too, guys. My son has a 103 temp. sigh. I, of course, sent him to school,in spite of protests, this morning. Anyone ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? He's sleeping it off in the other room.

Is the son that will go to the Jesuit school next year? I went to the Jesuit school in Dallas growing up. Its a neat thing (provided one doesn't forget the important lessons like I often do)

Won't be the last time, Med. *glug glug glug*
'Nuther, please?


go kiss his forehead and whisper "i love you" to him.

that is what he needs right now, even while he is sleeping.

Aw, pack, you're a good'un.

pack, did that, and reloaded the wet washcloth for his forehead.

Yeah, Jug, same one. And you are so right.... those Jesuit dudes know how to educate and address the whole, big picture; mind, body, spirit.

I am looking fwd to mass quantities of homework. HA! Take that! No more complaining of boredom cuz the teachers in the public school are "reviewing material" to get ready for the critical standardized testing.

poor guy! At his new school I bet a teacher would notice he was 'off' and have him checked out. His temperature probably didn't show up until this afternoon, so you wouldn't have seen it this morning.

It was a good experience for me. Good luck to the both of you. Hopefully it will serve you both well.
The community service aspect was an eye opener for me.

It was a good experience for me. Good luck to the both of you. Hopefully it will serve you both well.
The community service aspect was an eye opener for me.

Grrrr, dadgum bot

This is terrible news...has anyone notified the worms yet?

Hope your boy feels better soon, Med.

*takes bottle from Med and crawls under the bed*

See y'all Friday.

Thanks, jug. I have noted a quality that is unique in men who were educated by jesuits. The community service is a big part of that... but so is the bonding experience that comes from the lack of wimmin/competition.

And today, while he was passed out in class, someone stole his binder, all of his work, his planner, calculator, pens and pencils, etc. He was too ill to rage tonight .... but I am looking forward to that tomorrow.

Another Martini? I'm having a double. :)

don't know about the jesuits, but i have a 7-year-old son in private school.

his class visits the nursing homes once a week -- reciting poems, singing, etc.

which reminds me, does anyone have about 5k i can borrow?

i've spent all of my cash on gas.

at least i don't drive a dodge....then i would have gas AND repair bills.

I have a close friend from back then (he married my first love but that's a whole different story). We can go a month or two with out catching up, but still end up finishing each other's sentences. The whole experience is good. Although I hated it at the time, I can see the benefits of a male only environment too. I wish the two of you the best, and I hope he finds the idjit that stole his binder and teaches them some religion.

No more drinks for me tonight, I'm off to bed. Good night

pack, all i can say is, i am about to feel your pain. However, the pain we have been through in public schools is much, much worse and longer lasting.

jug, i have new respect. that. is. all. Good night too. I have to make ham, eggs, and biscuits for breakfast. before 7. :)

Sorry to hijack the blog. The subject was DIRT though.

no hijack...schools are full of dirt. My 9-year-old steals dirt from there every day in his sneakers. We just dump it on the Ford pickup next door. You know, the one up on blocks with the 'Union' sticker on it. Gives it some class.

Med...my daughter went to the girls equivalent of Jesuit school...School of the Sacred Heart in Miami, after similar experiences in public middle school here. It was great, and she loved it, and she drove her teachers nuts because she questionned EVERYTHING! She's 24, now, and she still does.

Oh, and ditto on the dirt. My kids have been away from home for 6 years, and I'm only just now getting rid of all the dirt. It helps not having a garage to keep it in.

Ok...here for a bit...and I feel your pain Med!! (we've talked about this already) Hope the kid is better in the morning. Wanna talk about stress??? Well...let me tell ya...my youngest has gotten into every art school she applied at AND the University of Florida (which is extremely hard to get into and a top state college AND would practically be FREE). Alas, no good art programs so that was out of the question. She got great scholarships everywhere but those private art schools are very expensive and she's now facing the reality that she may/will not go to her TOP school (Pratt) and may/will be going to Ringling (where her sister goes) and not necessarily her first choice. BUT, she's been accepted as a sophomore - meaning they've waived one whole year. And yet, she's STILL not thrilled.


Ferrrrrrrrrrrrnando?? gimme a double kamikaze, por favor!


BTW, Med?? AS you know, we were considering Kansas City and I was ready to fly us up there this week (thank you for wanting to take us in). She realized that KC did not offer the program of her choice (Illustration) so all of the sudden...she changed her mind.

Which means that, I'll still be going to KC to visit you. Soon. No kid! OY!

Siouxie, soy aqui, at your servicio. I took the libertee of warming some chocolates for you and your lady-frens....

*jumps behind the blog bar...misses and falls on her culo*

I'm OK!

*mixes up a batch of kamikazes and chugs one*


ohhhhhhhhhhh Ferrrrrrrrrnando! ju gots so mucho HAIRRRR on jur CHESTO! Don ju get dat on da chocolates.

I'll take a kami..a kamaka...ah heck! Siouxie I'll take whatever it is you're brewing.

May I get you sometheen, Doctorrr Ricardo? A theen meent, tal vez?

That would be lovely Ferrrrrrnando. Except lose the mint and add booze instead.

waaayfer theen??

Wail Hail...I am ready for the sleep thing.

G'nite all and have a pleasant tomorrow. Smoooches Ferrrrrrrrrnando and Ricko!

That'd be lovely! And add an olive. Whatever that means. ;)

Nite Siouxie! Good luck with the kiddos.

*Slinks in®*

*Puts out coffee, muffins, scrambled eggs, and juice. Gently shakes blogits awake.*

OOOOOOoooo...thanks, Cat.

(helps self to eggs & coffee. Sets out English muffins and jam)

Happy May Day!!

Thanks Cat
mmmm, coffee

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