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April 27, 2008


This blog surmises that these people have never heard of the Interstate Mullet Toss.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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Think fish. Not hair. Then read it.
And *SNORK* @ "Travels with Barley."

i thought the object was to catch fish....

Naw, pack. We just tell that to the yankees that attend.

That's the only good use for that hairstyle in my opinion.

Old sport....popular in Destin, also

In honor of this event, does the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package Store serve Mullet Toss Cocktails?

"Amid a sea of sunburned beer drinkers and women wearing little more than tanning lotion..."

isn't it a little early for the Democratic National Convention?

The Flora-Bama is a great place for a beer and a black eye......just sayin'

Ducky, they haved Tossed Cookies for dessert.

spoken like a true jealous Repooplican.

Mullet- Business in the front, party in the back.

I was at a training seminar this past weekend, CJ, and Sat. night was a Mexican food feast at the regional manager's house, with a margarita machine, keg, bottled beer and various types of hard liquor. I believe the event you mention occurred there, too. Fortunately, Mr. Ducky and I had already left to return to our hotel.

There's something involving shad (also a type of fish) somewhere here in NJ, but the intent of it is something I've never caught (no pun intended)....

Out here (SoCal) we have grunion runs. Much more fun. You really don't care who wins.

"...Wall Street Journal reporter Ken Wells dedicated his first chapter to the Mullet Toss..."

That's it? Only the first chapter? Usually book dedications are not so specific and limited.

"I'd like to dedicate the first three letters of the ninth chapter to my grandfather."

Every time I hear (or read, as the case may be) the phrase "grunion run" I always think of the first time I heard it: on an episode of "Three's Company."

Who says that show wasn't educational?

Also, how do you treat "grunion runs"?

There is no such thing as grunion. It's a pick up line here in su.so.ca. for men to use to get chicks to go to the beach at night.

But back to the post. Let me see if I understand this. The only way that *these* men can see hot women in bathing suits or less is to throw dead fish. Is that it?

So in this case, the women are used as bait.

Jazzzz, the ESPN article says it was a 48 foot putt!!! OMG! But no video. :(

El, guys ALWAYs exaggerate the length of their putt.

But I just saw this one, Annie, and it was!

Jazzzz, the video was on the PGA website. And I liked his sweater too. :)

96,000 12-ounce beers over the three days.

96,000 bottles of beer on the wall,
96,000 bottles of beer,
Take one down, pass it around,
95,999 bottles of beer on the wall.


El, it was probably the angle at which you saw it.

Who's catching the mullet on the Alabama side? Certainly not the Miami Dolphins.

96,000 beerses and all that sun.

Bet there were quite a few cookies tossed also.

Kathybear, if memory serves me, probably not because I always have to serve myself unless I'm ready to tip real big, don't Foridians hang their shads in November? NTTAWW...hey, yes there is SWWT.

Didn't Chris Long go to the Dolphins? Where's CJ when you need him?

*flaps back in for a mullet moment*

El, that was a sensational putt, wasn't it? But Chris Long went to St. Louis; Miami picked Jake Long, an offensive lineman out of Michigan. He's a big boy (6'7")!

Definitely have an unrelenting desire to be there

And BTW, the Beverly Hillbillies episode when they went hunting for Grunions is a classic.

mullet schmullet.

my baby does the hanky panky with ale wives.

oh yeah...

chuck norris invented the mullet. not the hair-do, the fish.

not only that, he named those pesky ale wives after all the sissy-women-boys he killt.

and where are the photos of scantily clad women, err, mullets?

Annie? Repooblican?, yikes! we expect better from you.

minus b plus p

nm, thought this was a humor site

Shouldn't that be Flori-Bama? or Flor-Abama?

"toss the fish" sounds like a euphemism, iykwim.

You have to understand, folks, there are times in life when no matter who you are, you just have to toss a mullet. The good folk of the Flora-Bama provide that service for mankind. They deserve our undying gratitude. Heh heh.

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