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April 24, 2008


Whatever you do, do NOT click here.

Really. This is not safe for work, or anywhere else.

(Thanks to Chaz Schlueter)

p.s. Really.


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Over to you, Dick...

Oh boy.

i'm pretty sure i dated him once.


Heaven help us.

What time is it? TOOL TIME!

what a dick.

We won't . . .

I wouldn't shake his hand, either.

An example of what happens when you wear the massage pants too long.

Oh yeah! That's Richard Head.

I'm sorry, but it does look like Bill Clinton. Just looking at his head here, folks...

I'm guessing he's single too.

*calls Annie*

It's seamless and looks natural!

So, what is it?

MKJ, it's the latest comic book hero - Penis Man.

Oh, merci beaucoups Siou

That's what you get when you respond to those nebulous 'herbal remedy' spam e-mails. Some people just have to learn things the hard (no pun intended) way.

Unfortunately the man suffers from impotence and has to use a 55 gallon drum of Viagra if he goes out on a date.

Guess something gave him the willies.

Snork at KOW...thanks for the morning laugh.

Let's get together and send him a card ...

imagine his trojan bill per month....

Merely guessin' ... his name is Peter?

Last name Johnson.

I'm ...speechless. Should not have clicked..Brain bleach, please.....

I want one!!

Yeah, I'm guessin' he's single, too.....and gay (NTTAWWT)

Life just got easier for Paris Hilton.

I'm guessing a dose of Viagra might pose a risk of being lethal.

Cheryl: Indeed. "Did you pass out because you skipped lunch or are you happy to see me?"

Why, oh WHY did I click on that?

There is a "do not click on this link" category that Dave should have used (or should use when he updates) on this post

I do not want to know what the woman behind him is dressed as.

I'm afraid to click on that link. Looks like I made a wise call.

The guy got shafted.

There was a note not to click on it...I did anyway.

Oh it can't be THAT bad...

I was wrong.


it said not to open at work- so I just had to.
nice toolbox....

it said not to open at work- so I just had to.
nice toolbox....

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