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April 28, 2008


We'll run over everyone in our way make the sacrifice.

(Thanks to everyone in the known universe)


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I'm in!!!



I suppose it's only fair, if I get to prevent prostate cancer, she can prevent heart disease.

We'll be quite the healthy family!

Siouxie - you have to be postmenopausal to participate.
Soooo, after you, dear. :)


*fans self*

Does peri count?? Aw, hell, I'll lie! They'd never believe we'd lie to be older, would they?

Wouldn't chocolate lose a little of its allure if someone commanded you to eat a certain amount of it every day?

Never mind. I'm just silly.

university of east anglia??? isnt that someplace that the pythons made up?? i gotta go look for that choco.

As a scientist I should tell you that they should have a control group. That means it's chocolate for the pre-menopausal blogettes too! Tell 'em I said so.

Good thinking, Layzeeboy! Gotta get me some!

What I want to know is: Will chocolate work for men as well to help prevent heart disease?

But I already eat chocolate every day.....

For Siouxie.


Thankssssssssss Cat! I'll even share with my blog gals.

Chris, no. We have beer for that.

*packs bags, leaves cat food out for sitter, stops newspaper & mail*

Okay, off to the UK! See y'all in a year.

Before you all run off to the UK, I assume this chocolate is sugar-free if it is designed to help diabetics, and that HAS to take away some of the fun.

Um....a chocolate bar with SOY in it?!?! No thanks! Don't get me wrong: I like soybeans. I eat tofu. I occasionally even drink soy milk. But I draw the line at soy in my chocolate! I don't care how good it might be for you--don't mess around with my chocolate by putting soy in it!

Chocolate soy milk is actually fairly decent.

I found that I can take a brownie mix, add soy milk, oatmeal, water, almonds, peanut butter and have some great brownies.

And I agree with Holly; I'm already eating chocolate pretty much every day.

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