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April 25, 2008


(Thanks to Amanda Austin)


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Hey, wait! You forgot to take your kids!

What? Oh ....

Oh, great. They have thoroughly screwed-up their State so now they want to move down here and tell us how they used to do things 'back home,' where things were so much better.

Are they moving here???? We got enough problems, sheesh.

A concerned Floridian

And the other half are either institutionalized, or ought to be.

No, they just didn't poll the other half of us.

A lifelong New Jerseyan

If they did all move out, would that make the state half-empty or half-full?

I want to move to Phuket and marry a python! It's gotta be better than New Jersey.

As a proud NJ resident, I say let all the whiners leave. Let someone else put up with them.

I've seen polls like this from other states, and the % who want to leave is always pretty high. So I don't take them too seriously.

You got a problem with New Jersey?

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