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April 27, 2008


Never put down your club.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson(


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talk about your hazards ! Golf is a tough game. football-smootball

13th hole....not too lucky.
*eyeroll* @ Jazzzz


Jeff Meyerson looks sad.

*snork*@ Alien!

a state alligator trapper says people should watch for alligators closely this time of the year because it's mating season and alligators are more aggressive.

(wonders if the alligator was male or female)

LOL Lizzy.

*tickles Jeff*

daisymae - it was on a golf course. Odds are it's male.

daisymae - it was on a golf course buggin' a guy on a Saturday afternoon. Odds are it's female.

poor gator.

he was just looking for a hand-out.

Just likeTHIS guy?

Thanks, Siouxie. That helped.


Siouxie, that's so gross. Even for my standards.

He was wearing two wetsuits? For golf??

Reminds me of Happy Gilmore. At least this guy kept his hand.

Wetsuits on the golf course? Maybe this guy intentionally aims for the water. But TWO wetsuits???

He wasn't playing golf. He was diving for golf balls that golfers hit into the water. Some people actually make a living off the mistakes of hackers like me.

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