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April 29, 2008


Now they're going after Barbie.

(Thanks to Siouxie and DavCat)


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I'll tell you what is destructive...those battery driven barbie jeeps. There is at least one paint chip in every one of my baseboards. I agree with Iran.

I agree. Those dolls are evil.

Right nos it seems like Dave is sacrificing quality for quantity.

There are no Ken dolls here.

Can't they just slap a burkha on her?

Oh, & then take away her self-esteem, and her right to go anywhere without Ken in attendance.
And then they can honor kill her when they catch her with GI-Joe (that Kung Fu grip can only be a sign of the Great Satan)!

I wonder if they'd like this one any better ?

I'm not evil, I'm just molded this way.

*tips over as tiny little feet cannot support the weight of her chest*

I just cannot picture Barbie in one of those black ninja suits some Iranian women wear.

Do you know why Ken and Barbie never had any kids?

Ken comes in another box.....


Barbie is destructive... if you stuff her full of those little firecrackers and toss her in the campfire. CJ told me.

...or if you give her the little Jungle Adventure Barbie matching Pith Helmet and Machete kit.

Oh, warning on the last link. Sorry.

Scott, that was lovely. :-P

and LOL @ morty & Barbie!

The worst part is that Barbie comes with her own weapons of mass destruction - all those tiny shoes and accessories that end up on the floor and subsequently inside your foot.

Nos, be forewarned.

They are destructive. You should see what the Chemistry Society does to them, and we have girls as officers.

Silly Iranians. You aren't getting rid of GI-Joe by exiling Barbie. Nice try.

Irony - when all those big army guys fail, and Barbie kicks Burkha butt. When Iran goes, I'd love to see it brought down by fast food and idiotic dollies.

Wait til they start importing the "Post-Partum Teenage Skipper" doll.

Hell, my friends. Hell.

Ken doesn't have the balls to defend her

*snork* @ Layzee!

I always wondered why that was. I mean, Barbie had boobs but no vajayjay.

GI-Joe doesn't have them, either, Layzee. Which make explain a lot about the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Hmmmmm, I wonder what sort of trouble I could cause if I started shipping Bratz dolls to Iran?

Cheryl - I like the way you think.

It would seem Iran has not yet been invaded by the horrors that are Bratz dolls.

With all the Western merchandise Iran is receiving, I wonder if it will get shipments of Grand Theft Auto IV ... and if some will complain that it's not violent enough.

Now, be forewarned.

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