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April 27, 2008


(Thanks to sjhaller)


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What the hell are boffins?

They're cute lil muffins that make you want to boff. I have a couple of them my own self.

Oooh, look - something shiny!

hair testicles ?...
wait, let me get my glasses

Perhaps that's where the name "muscle head" came from. I didn't know it was a condition.

(strikes bodybuilding off 'something I want to do someday' list)

muscle muscle man...I wanna be a muscle man..

I guess Dave doesn't weight-lift.

laughoutloud, Annie, I need to know where to buy those!

And we are all very, very happy he doesn't. Right, Siouxie?

We sure is, Annie.

12 oz. at a time.

AWL, are you sure you want to buy some of Annie's boffable muffins? Those have to come with all kinds of side-effects.

Dizziness is one, Jazzzz. Less time for golf is another.

Shortness of breath and a huge grin are two more.

jug, if they are chocolate, I'll take my chances.

snork @ Annie

Chocolate boffable muffins? Must come from some sort of upscale boutique.

Chocolate Boffable Muffins WBAGNFARB, of course.

I don't know Wyo, maybe more like a Boy Band


Bald guy walks into a weightlifting bar.
"Ow!" he says.

Of course there isn't Annie.

jug, I never said it was a band I'd listen to.

Good point Wyo. I bet they could make a 'reality' series out of it, though.

And hopefully get paid handsomly for it.

"It is the biggest single cause of baldness other than genes."

"biggest single cause"?

is there more than one single cause?

I'm stickin' to Turner Classic movies.

*wonders if Yul was a lifter*

That's not 'premature slaphead', that's headboard dammage.

Looks like he's got a flap in the back of his head for batteries or something.

snork@premature slaphead

LOL CJ! headboard dammage?? I guess that only applies to men. What do women get?? just a bump on the head? (not that I'd know anything about that)

Siouxie? Twentys. Annie told me.

Yeah, well...I heard that from Alien Wench Lizzy.


We skeered Jazzzz away again.

Sio? Their nails done.

[I stole the line; 20 years ago I was having a nice lunch with my boss and an olderc couple got up to leave. They stopped at our booth and the lady put her hand on my shoulder and said, "I see you have the same problem as my husband; headboard dammage". I was speechless, my boss was purple and wiggling!]

gonna remember that one, CJ! lol

CJ - is 'boss' your nickname for that?
I know you're self-employed now, but that's a bit much.

wine-snork @Annie! yeesh!!

"Balding Hormones" anagrams to "Men Bag Old Rhinos".

Trust me, Annie. Every guy works for the purple wiggly guy.

Sorry, bali. Hope it wasn't the good stuff.

It's ok, CJ. My old boss was a real d1ckhead, too.

s'ok, Annie, I didn't pay for it. But I might in the morning.

Twenties? Someone is working for cheap!

I'm here....somewhere... I'm boffo for boffins, though

Didn'tcha hear, there's a recession. Besides, I didn't say how many twenties.

Yup. Plus bali got some free wine with her twenty.

sidenote - Alien Wench, every time I see your name, I think 'Allen Wrench.' Am I the only one?


Hmph. Well, I guess then YOU'RE not mechanically inclined.

i've been told i'm good with my hands.


*eye roll* at packsaddle's innuendo. ;)

*winks at Jazzzz* Hey baby, how ya doin'?

Note to self: Finish thought before posting.

Jazzzz doesn't scare off easily. Siouxie told me. :)

I think 'Alien' and something leaps out of her chest.

Lizzy, a boffin is a bureaucratic nerd (British). Annie told me.

I guess not, if he golfs in gator-infested waters.

Hey bali?
How many twenties and what kind of wine?

Bali, answer the nice man.


two questions, one answer:


Is that mortgage the house and rob a liquor store lots?

*wonders where jug is going with this*


LOL! Allen Wrench. I've been called worse.

hey El, did you see the finish today. Scott made one from another county to win.!!! No gators were harmed during this tournament...

I've been to nowhere a lot in my life Bali. The scenery isn't so good.

I missed it Jazzzz. I was in mourning over Roger's loss in the Monte Carlo final. :(

I'll check out SportsCenter. Scott winning would have helped my mood. good for him!

So if the ladies do those kegle exercises, they won't need anymore Brazilian waxes?

Just wondering.

I always thought it was caused by too many u-turns under the sheets.

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