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April 11, 2008


... for Miami.

(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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I didn't get far on foot.

OK (says the non-driver) what exactly am I supposed to be looking for here ??

I got nothing. Just a tiny little speck driving over white terrain and across what looks like a river.

Now I know why I don't have a driver's license. I don't think I took out TOO many invisible mailboxes. I did make it home, I think. The road might have ended before the real one does. Few years behind on the subdivisions. Otherwise, a fun timewaster productivity enhancer.

Is judi calling us phat??


When I loaded "miami", my "car" appeared in the middle of the "ocean" and drove to a "street".

I hope that's not the map CJ is using today.

I'm fairly certain I had several wrecks.

Siouxie crashed right into me. Must be the wide fit...on her shoes.

Ok folks, Off to meet CJ!!

judi, will call if we can go by the Herald ;-P

Ok, that was exceedingly cool.

I have never enjoyed a commute from Chicago so much.

Now I'm on my way to Canada.


You've got to watch the Miss USA pageant tonight! Heather Mills is a judge! Donald Trump owns the pageant!

I can't wait to hear her say, "you bloody wanker, you call that talent?" It will be awesome.

Anybody think she might finally snap and try to take out one of the girls during the Q&A session with her prosthetic leg? And if she did, what are the odds she could catch the girl to beat her with it? I'd bet on Heather for 2 reasons. One, those pageant contestants have their butts sprayed with glue and they're wedged into those evening gowns with a crowbar in addition to wearing extremely high heels. Two, Heather is just an angry, ball of fury right now and one legged or not if she really wants to catch the girl, she will.
Wow, I turned that into a CJ level rant. Sweet! Thanks Merri Lee!

Jane! Stop this crazy thing!!

I think I got lost. Does anybody have a map?

Nice to know the Brits have trailer trash too.

I'm sure it will be a very entertaining train wreck. But not on Friday night ... !

Wow, Rick, that's a lot of pageant know-how you got there!

Much like the first 3 seasons of 24 and the entire run of The Sopranos I'll catch up with Battlestar through Netflix as soon as every season is released on DVD. I just can't jump into a series anymore once it's started.

Wench, everything I've ever learned about beauty pageants came from this blog via the blogettes. The fact that I've retained any of it frightens me quite a bit actually.

If I were competing, I "accidentally" hurl my baton at her. THAT'S talent.

*doesn't get post*
So, should I take a bus or something?

*slows down geezer bus*

Here Cheryl, hop on the geezer bus with the rest of us who can't figure it out.

Sort of OT. I just got an email from the ticket people about upcoming shows in the ATL area.

At Chastain Ampitheatre there will be a show called "True Colors" featuring Cyndi Lauper and Rosie O'Donnell.

Does O'Donnell sing or something? All I know she does is act pissed on talk shows.

much better, Merri, if it was on fire before you hurled it. that way it would be pretty and deadly.

*puts in lead-laced dentures and hops on geezer bus*

maybe...termites in her dressing room....

I didn't get it either, but I'm glad that some people are having a good time...

Doc - Agreed on Battlestar. I saw the first season and then lapsed, so I need to catch up via DVD.

I noticed that it keeps you on the road normally, but if you build up speed you can go sideways off highways, cross over whole city blocks, etc., just like real life. I eventually got stuck in the middle of a city block and it wouldn't let me drive back to the road.

Try driving around Cairo... it's the most fun.

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