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April 28, 2008



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FORE! in a row. Guess I caught you all sleeping.
I guess Cheung doesn't have to worry now if Xian damages him with that cleaver.

This should cut deeply into all of that p3nis snatching in Nigeria.

Seems like a hare-brained scheme to me.

Sly - I don't think brains were involved...maybe alcohol.

Visual quite helpful indeed . . .

This was all explained very clearly in that South Park episode about Mr Garrison a few weeks back...

I think those are called 'ocarinas' . . .

It would have made my life a whole lot easier.

It is true that this can have consequences that are quite unintended . . .

They didn't say they were successful in growing heart cells until they got them to start beating, so for this to be a success these cells will have to, oh, I don't know, order a Hustler subscription or something.

I'll alert my Ex for his future needs....he's hung like a rabbit anyway.

Batteries included??

Annie wants to know.

What's u- ...., eh, never mind.

Erectile Tissue of Rabbits, needless to say, WBAGNFARB

*snork* @ MKJ for 'ocarina.'
El says batteries are extra. Not sure how she knew.

Mr Jeeves, are you sure this isn't what you were thinking of?

Monsieur Haller: non

Steve's photo; that guy's a real d1ck!

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