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April 28, 2008


("Thanks" to Scott Weston)


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Ewww! That looks an awful lot like a reusable water bottle.

"no dear, it's not a sippy cup"

So that's where those guys from 'Dumb & Dumber' learnt how to do that.

What the heck is wrong with lining the toilet with toilet paper or teaching them to "hover". OR taking your own liner (like I used to).

Pee in a bottle?? blech!

Phew!!!! What a workout! I need a dring. (glugluglug) PHHHHEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!! Wrong bottle again!!!!

Phew!!!! What a workout! I need a dring. (glugluglug) PHHHHEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!! Wrong bottle again!!!!


Judi, did you mean A-pee-colypse?

Hee, I crack myself up! I have to!

judi says no hovering, which means you must click on this link.

Oops...sorry judi! You're right. Most women can't hover without spraying the stalls next door. I use TP.

OOOOOHHHHHHHH, My Wittew Heawt goes piddy-pat!!

Damn, these hot flashes. Where's the CHOCOLATE!!!

DO NOT click on "How to use," or you will be forced to register as a sex offender.

Additionally, when Sophia, age 3, becomes Sophia, age 13, she is going to KILL her mother, because of these pictures.

i've got boys. we don't need a special bottle.

I've had these for years. Empty, then refill.

serious Chris...I use a mountain dew bottle so you dont look odd throwing out wrong color liquid....works great

And the Nobel Prize for Pee Pee goes to...some lady who invented a frikkin' empty bottle.

Actually, that's also good for us geezer guys as the old prostate gets bigger.

An empty wrapper explains the colored liquid.

"Some children fear public restroom toilets"

I believe that should read 'Some parents fear public restroom toilets'

Kinda weird how they make the leap from saying disease is passed by not washing your hands, then propose peeing into a bottle as a solution...the hell?

Can you carry them onto planes?

We, as a civilization, are doomed.

I have been using a pee-pee bottle for years. But I tell you those are to small to hold all my recycled Beer.

Whoever wrote the 'how to use' page needs some basic instruction on female anatomy: 'place the bottle very close to the vagina' Excuse me, but we women do not pee through our vaginas. Try urethra, buddy.

These should also be marketed to the elderly.

pip, must have been written by a guy of the male persuasion. To most (of us) it's all the same down there. Since I teach anatomy to adolescents I know the difference. (And Mrs. Layzee appreciates it).

Old news for those of us lucky enough to watch Trailer Park Boys. (the tv show, not the movie)(which I've never seen so don't know for sure if this is mentioned)

When I was a little girl we had a "pee pee coffee can", it worked just fine.

When I was a kid and the out-house was 50 yards away in the dark we had a can, too, Rebekah. We called it the canope.

Considering that it is, in essense, just the backs of your legs that touch the toilet seat, I really don't see why so many people are afraid of public toilets.

The noise of the turbo-flush hurt my kids' ears. Very echo-y place for sensitive hearing. Plus it always sounded like it was gonna suck them down the drain. That's why they were afraid.
So this thing is like a motorman's friend for yuppies?

I particularly liked the Warning::
Do not allow the child to put the bottle or caps in his or her mouth.

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