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April 30, 2008


The Duct Tape Bandit

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie)


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If it's good enough for Dubya ...

Well, he's from Eastern Kentucky. That says something... Too much time, not enough education...

An earwig for you.

Catchy little ditty.

OK - the big question: Why duct tape?? Was his face falling off or something? Is he allergic to ski masks? Was he planning to blend seamlessly into a crowd of other duct tape wrapped people after he robbed the store?

I. Am. Confused!

It is very handy stuff. My friend used it a couple weeks ago to patch her jeans. Matched the trim on her double-wide. (No, I'm not talking about her home.)

"Was his face falling off or something?"?

Hey Meanie, you got it -- Michael Jackson is the Duct Tape Bandit !

Wasn't there a duct tape bandit in that Home Alone movie, when Kevin was in New York? Hmmmmmm. Somedosy's been hittin' the DVD's.

Wasn't there a duct tape bandit in that Home Alone movie, when Kevin was in New York? Hmmmmmm. Somebody's been hittin' the DVD's.

Meanie, you are over-analyzing. I think he is just inbred stupid.

Somedosy's not using the preview button ;-P


I would have LOVED to have been around to volunteer to RRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPPPP all that duct tape from his face.

So duct tape in the Poor Man's hot wax? Ouch.

*re-enrolls in typing class* see y'all in a semester.

I thought it would have been faster just to use a razor blade to cut the duct tape off, but that's just me...

eilbeback: yes, but ripping it off is much more humiliating and painful. If this guy just robbed my store, I'd opt for the ripping.

Do you think the charges will stick?


Braniff, was thinking more along the lines of slicing his head open... Nothing's in there; where's the harm?

this moron needs to stay out of jail. the criminals in there are smarter than he is, and will teach him how to be a better criminal, cos he sure bad at it now.... duuuuh.

eilbeback: I see your point. I like your way of thinking.

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