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April 29, 2008


Scientists have discovered a legless lizard, a toad and a dwarf woodpecker among 14 species believed to be new to science in central Brazil.

(Thanks to Lairbo and Brainy Jello)


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Whoa - I only sent this in like 30 seconds ago. That a first.

sorry, this year's democratic presidential nominees have already been chosen.

Legless lizard? Isnt that the very essence of being a snake?

Isn't a "legless lizard" the same thing as a snake? would "legless lizard" BAGNFARB? enquiring minds want to know!!

That's a snake. sheesh.

bali - gmta

see, Becky?

What she said.

A legless lizard, a toad and a dwarf woodpecker walk into a bar and order drinks. Bartender says, "You want flies with that?"


*smacks packsaddle with sock full o' legless lizards*

I've been legless many times on a Friday or Saturday night but I would kill anybody who called me a lizard.

Just as long as you're not out there flauntin' your legless lizard. IYKWIM.

i've never been smacked with a sock full o' legless lizards before.

kinda kinky.

Mot?? was alkyhol involved??

Maybe they mean Lounge Lizard, Mot. That's not so bad.

What's all this I hear about a dwarf-legged toadpecker?

It's only kinky the first time. That's what Siouxie tells me.

The secong time, it's a lifestyle. Annie told me.


oh, bali - snap!

I was in the pool!!

Would "Toad and the Dwarf Woodpeckers" BAGNFARB?

or maybe Toad and the Legless Lizards?

SNORK@ Dwarf!

Maybe more seniors in high school should go to Brazil:

After achieving perfect scores on his SATs, Sam Werner of Norwalk, Conn., was devastated by rejections from Stanford and Princeton. Mr. Werner was also on the crew and golf teams, performed in his high school musical and ranked third in his class.
“I kept wondering what more I could have done,” he says. “I realize I didn’t found a company or discover a new insect. I feel like it’s coming to a point where you have to do something like that to get into schools like Princeton or Stanford.”

Is that a one-eyed legless lizard or are you playing with yourself?

Is that one-eyed legless lizard winkin' @ ... um ... nevermind ...

this could be a potential solution to south florida's crime problem.

Dwarf wood? This sounds like a Nigerian cab ride to me.

But did they discover a real man?

So, poor Sam Werner will have to go to one of his safety schools, like, oh, Yale or (gasp!) Brown? Oh, the humanity! Suck it up, Sammy boy, nobody likes a crybaby, not even in the Ivy League.

it is time to stop looking. Doesn't "cerrado" mean "closed?" What were they doing there?

Merri - conservation-minded scientists have to get in there, chop stuff down, stomp around, capture samples, and record whatever's still living for the sake of their own posteriors posterity.

Genuine Brazilian BBQ Lizard Legs on a Stick, right here, only $2.99!! Get 'em while they're hot!

Being in the hungle they forgot to wind their calendars but on their behalf... April Fools!

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