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April 27, 2008


And observe it appropriately.


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Wow! Dave made the press release in a disclaimer - too funny!

FIRST to notice that. My day is complete. :)

Hat trick, or is everyone over at the NFL Draft and I'm all alone here with the toilets? :(

*kinda sorta here*

I'm watching Dare Devil.

Are we supposed to flush at 1 pm??? is that EST?

passover is over!

I'm flush with excitement!

Reminds me of the station manager who followed the anchorman's editorial with a broadcast statement, "The preceding does not reflect the opinion of the management of this station, or anyone else in his right mind..."

Well, in broadcasting right minded is out in left field though.

The photo from the 2007 shoot is impressive. If you're into blowing things up.

I almost blew mine up this morning. Bean burritos last night.

I've made my donation for the day.

I would love to blow things up! With explosives!

Alien - just go organic.

All together now!

Hell no, we won't low flow
Hell no, we won't low flow...

I only had a pair. The flush beats me....

disturbingly, i find myself sympathizing with these rednecks who are simply trying to create meaningful social change in the world through the non-violent use of tactical weaponry and highly explosive pyrotechnic compositions.

[wipes tear]

PB, you may need more fiber...just sayin'

(reaches for the toilet paper book shelf copy of War & Peace)

This could take awhile.

*Slinks in®*

I got nuthin'. I was just waiting for a good time to use that pic.

Dang, that's the weirdest sling I ever did see...

Perfect time to use it, Cat.
May I also say this is a perfect time to reveal that, at this moment, I hate Vista. It keeps blowing up, leading me to believe it's celebrating solidarity with lo-flow blow day.

gosh, if we're blowing up toilets, sounds like a grand excuse to not bother cleaning 'em today.

(i mean slink)

Steve - I'm guessing the cat was attacked by a camera flash.

Speaking of LOL Cats, did I tell you they're hiring ... ??

Yes, I saw that. I was tempted to apply. I have a weakness for silly animal pics.

*pats trusty XP on the hard-drive*

But I didn't want to embarrass my family.

Yeah, Annie, I hear ya, that can be embarrassing ...

Steve - shot's AWOL.

If you mean it doesn't come up on your machine, that's funny, it comes up on mine ?? (No? Not "absent without leave"?)

I got Not Found
Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

I get the same thing when I go out on Friday nights, but that I understand.

Ooh, I get it now. Your tag is 'funny Bush' and nothing comes up, so there's nothing funny about Bush.

Aaaaaalll right, one more time, and I'll make sure I preview it first: ahem

But searching for something that might be your pic led me to this.

I found another source on Google, so let's hope third time's the charm (and I hope you came hungry)

Yay - that I can see. I have no idea why it wouldn't work before. Thanks, Steve, for perserve tryin'.

Here is my post on the topic, with videos and pictures.

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