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April 27, 2008


We are now in the 483rd scintillating hour of the NFL Draft, and it just keeps getting better. The Dolphins, with their 92nd pick, have selected a little-known linebacker our of Eastern Southwest Texas State College and University who looks like he could be very effective against the run.


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I'm sure he had had a lot of practice stepping lively over fields.

That's "effective against the runs" Dave. Aren't you sweet to be there for Michelle?

*fumbles the had*

... Or at coachin' special moves frum the sidelines ...

Sure he wasn't the top pick in the cheerleader's draft?

He'd look gorgeous in the aqua uniform.

Crouching tiger, hidden wedgie.

*zips in*™

Good morning, Dave. (and everyone else) Lisa de Moraes, TV reporter at the Wash.Post, titles a column about Amer. Idol, We Watch So You Don't Have To.

And I feel like you're performing the same servide for us who could care less are mildly interested in the NFL draft.
So thank you. :)

How can you speak ill of American Idol like that? Where is the new generation of Barry Manilows going to come from?

Are we there yet???

*smooch* El!

I happen to know you watch AI!


I was not speaking ill of AI. Siouxie is right. This is my first year of watching it and I am hooked. I was just making a point to Dave.

And Steve, I hardly think you could compare Daughtry to Manilow.

*plops in hammock with mimosa and waits for multiple apologies*

As a proud alumni of ESTSC&U I've actually had a chance to watch that kid play. He's quick to the ball and an aggressive tackler. Especially when it comes to retrieving a loose ball in a dog pile. ;)

Rick, all I know is that we got this dude with a bad groin. OY!

...or a 'dogie' pile...

Sorry, Eleanor, I don't know Daughtry.

I know Dauterive.

They are soiling the Yankee game by cutting in with an NFL draft update. The announcer at the draft was a no-show (zzzzz?), so there was dead air.

Best name selected in the draft so far...Early Doucet from LSU.

Are you not a Rock 'n Roll guy, Steve?

Man, I love Daughtry, His CD is "la bomba" as we, in the Cuban ghetto say.


Are 'jazz hands' desirable in a linebacker? I would've that was more a running back charactistic.

Eleanor, I am a man who loves to groove to the oldies...

Darn! I'm out of ammo.

Whoops! That comment was supposed to have been for a different post.

But maybe funny anyway.

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