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April 27, 2008


(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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2 plus 2 equals 3. must be from miami.

3? Truly, there iz no 3.

The fact that they will trade them for any unopened bottles of alcohol explains how the bullet hole got there.

perhaps this is just a picture of my their inventory...

simul with judi! Wooohooo! Now excuse me while I go shoot another plastic flamingo.

snork @ bullethole in momma

I bet those look lovely in front of their trailer.

This has got to be a new low - trading flamingos for booze.

No way would I trade unopened alcohol for a bullet-ridden flamingo.

I know someone that needs more flamingos and has just the dog.

if the bullet hole exceeds 5/16 inch i'm not interested.

They'd make lovely hood ornaments for that old Ford up on blocks in your yard.

those aren't blocks - they are pieces of an old dodge.

Do they come with recipes?

I love pink lawn flamingos and am not ashamed to say that, but I don't have any. And I'm kind of turned off by the bullet hole.

El - put a plastic carnation in the bullet hole and voila! Instant curb appeal.

I like this version.

how much does a neck-brace cost?

I have a bottle of suspiciously homemade raspberry wine, which was pawned off on me by a so-called friend, who re-gifted it to me with a straight face. Think they'll take that? Because I'd really rather have the flamingos.

seeing as how the official pink flamingo factory shut down, they're prolly worth a small fortune.

i'll take a beat up ole one any day.

oh yeah. chuck norris uses pink flamingo legs to pick the shark bits from his teeth.

ok. it was late. but it was just for you annie.

Obviously one of them is a REAL flamingo, and he's only selling the plastic ones.

Four total, three of'em pink?

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