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April 30, 2008


We have a surprise winner.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I see therapy in his future. Lots and lots of therapy.

Congratulations, Brady! Your prize? New parents.

Nah, he'll be FINE ... becuz ... He's a FIGHTING SIOUX HOCKEY FAN!!!

You mean *gasp!* TED DIDN'T WIN?!?!

Child abuse.

what about Ted?

Coloring up front, recess in back.

*snork* @ CJ .
It's a video report. Mullet aficionados ain't big on wordin'.

Mom must be so proud.

When asked what he thought of his haircut, Brady replied "My Uncle-Daddy says it's bitchin'!"

As a pediatrician in the southeast US, I must say that we see this kind of thing all to often. I think there is something in the sweet tea that they feed the children from the bottle. Sadly, we are powerless to deal with this as the effects of the tea have infiltrated to the highest level of government.

How cute. Warms my achy breaky heart.

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