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April 29, 2008


Here are photos and video.

If this is not a great nation, this blog does not know what is.

(Thanks to Joe Huffman)


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Slo-mo low-flo ex-plo.

Go, Bro!

That was like, totally kewl!

Love the kaboom.

My creeping fascist employer has suppressed my fundamental human right to see the longer video. This great nation still needs some fine tuning.

Nevertheless, I salute my fellow low-flow commodistas in their dedication to the cause.

Don't all toilets come with a "Hi, Dave Barry" sign on them?

What's with the Moo?

Dave, I'm glad you liked it but I think we can do better. I'll get some pieces to you soon.

I'm thinking of April 26th 2009 for the next one. Mark your calendar.

Laurie, the "Moo" was the reduced speed version of the same sounds you heard in the regular speed version. Without specialized signal processing slowing down an audio recording during playback reduces the frequency of the sounds.

Joe, that was classic! Thanks for sharing!

Not meaning to label myself as a nut... but hearing the sound of the crack of the rifle shot made me nostalgic for my youth when my Dad and I could go to the rifle range and shoot up stuff.

Aerosol cans were the best.

I think there should be a Constitutional amendment specifically allowing for the demolition of low-flow toilet by any means necessary.

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