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April 30, 2008


A City On The Rise

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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OK ... mebbe a good place to go ... but ya gotta have a Doctor's permit?

"A doctor will have to certify that they suffer from erectile dysfunction..."

Said doctor also moonlights on a bikini boat, so the test is pretty conclusive.

Should make Bingo Night much more interesting.

What? Where? I see?? A little.

Um, Viva Viagra? (hate those commercials, btw)

Will Viagara work there? The women are so, so cold in Chile. I guess.

Don't women have enough problems already?

Somebody hide the picnic tables and bicycles!

Your proposed motto's good, but what's the Spanish for "Where the men are men and the waitresses are nervous"?

The old folks can GET an erection, but they've forgotten what to do with one.

(It's Chile - hide the donkeys, too.)

note to self: Do NOT vacation in Chile!

Brings new meaning to 'ram-a-llama-ding-dong.'

*snorka llama ding dong*

I thought llamas were in Tibet and Nepal...

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