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April 29, 2008


(Thanks to Paul Meyer)


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Her motive was sex education. First!

Nope, no way to figure out the motive.

Surely the motive was to teach.

Clearly she grades on the curve ...

I hear she's a very hand-on teacher.

She could be trying to be on an episode of Cops.

She's looking at some pretty serious jail time.

oh, duh. motive - boom chickaboom boom. duh.

C'mon ... At least give us a hint...

They were going to be on an HGTV show?

physical ed. really physical

Jazzzzzzie! with a bit of anatomy, no??

Si !!

Special education teacher?? This is right up there on the list of most repugnant things I've ever come across.

That article was painful to read, on so many levels.

This person is a teacher? The article made it through the editing department?

And I can't find a job.

Headline writer has grammar unclear as well besides of major awkward-idity.

ditto, Cat! The problem wasn't the headline, it was the whole article AND the subject.

Guin - I couldn't of said it more betterer my ownself.

I somewhat am pretty much so, are in agreablement, Guin and/or Annie.

It is of clarity to my personality.

What is this, National Talk Like Bush Day ??

I resemble that remark.

Heh! if the shoe fits on the other foot, Steve!

Dubya - that were worser than that there Vallley-speak from that other night.

CJ, the article stated at the end: go back. They blame her? Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

CJ, the article stated at the end: go back. They blame her? Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Very high 'ick' factor on this one.


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