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April 30, 2008


Guys are guys.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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What was it? (wouldn't play)

Gee, they made it look so easy on "The Dukes of Hazzard"...

Calling Mr. Darwin. Mr. Darwin, please pick up the red phone in the lobby.


Well at least we know alcohol wasn't involved since they can't drink over there.

My sister was right. Boys are dumb.

Didn't Fred Flintstone do this ages ago?

At least the driver had the courtesy to use his turn signal!

I've seen that over here, too. At least until the wheels on the rollerblades start to overheat. Then it's not so pretty. (Never seen it on the freeway, though.)

Descriptions, please? The Nanny.bot at my work is ever-efficient.

They must be wearing asbestos shoes.

Can anyone tell me if they are wearing wearing shoes with rollers or just flat sandals? It's hard to tell. Either way, if they were my kids they would be SO grounded!

Those wacky Saudi kids! Ya gotta love'em.

(If you can't connect, it's a carful of be-gowned Arab guys - one driver and three uh stunt passengers getting in and out of the car at freeway speeds and gliding along beside the moving vehicle on ?wheeled sandals? or ?Teflon feet? or maybe the oil just runs in the streets there). Total elapsed distance probably at least a mile. Total collective IQ points displayed: hm...about 180 for males. A female would have to be brain dead

Some young men in white robes are 'surfing' the highway in a fast moving car, hanging from open doors. I think they're just wearing slide-in sandals. It's pretty stupid, IMHO.

Bonus points for doing it while wearing a dress.

Hammie, it is a group of arab kids driving on the highway. The passengers are hanging on to the door frames and standing/skating/sliding on the highway pavement. At like, 60 MPH.

As a parent, it actually seriously bothered me to watch it.


Youtube: a venue to display your inner dipshit.

LMAO @ Layzeeboy!

It looked like the road was wet, so maybe that helped them "glide", but I kept wondering about debris on the road meeting those basically bare feet.

Thanks, Betsy & Bali!

Silly people.
*Tries to re-hide memory of friends jumping from car-to-car at 65 mph on an Interstate back in the '70s*

If you don't technically have at least two people INSIDE the car, do you still get to use the carpool lane?

I forget what they call it, but it's actually a game they play over there. I saw a clip on one of those Most Stupid Most Daring shows on TruTV where the car skidded around on the oil slick and slammed into one guy ...

180, Betsy? Wow, you're generous! Anyone else kinda hear "The Skaters' Waltz" in their heads while watching this?


*Waves long white dress @ Hammie!!!*

So...does anyone else remember doing the Chinese fire drill???

Yes, we were all young and stoopid. Some just more than others.

Yeah, but Siouxie, when we did chinese fire drills in OK, the car was actually stopped.

And then they exploded themselves in protest for being on American Youtube.

We used to do nekkid hitch-hiking to "impress" girls. Get dropped off on the interstate. Car gets off the next exit, doubles back and gets back on. Flashes high beams and nekkid hitch-hiker stands there with his thumb (and everything else) out. Car pulls over, nekkid guy jumps in back seat with girls and everyone laughs. Except when the wrong car flashes high beams. Sigh...those were the days.

If they only had some kind of, you know, fuel, they wouldn't have to keep pushing the car around.

I'm pretty sure that isn't the way you go about getting your 72 virgins.

For some reason, where I came from, only girls did Chinese fire drills. Anyone else notice that?

As long as this type of behavior is done before they successfully produce offspring, it should be encouraged. It has to improved the breed in the long run.

*subtract superfluous 'd'*

SNORK at Betsy for "maybe the oil just runs in the streets there"!

*SNORKIN' at the CJ*

I suppose this will pass ghostriding the whip as the new trend in America.

Well it's HARD to find a hockey rink in the desert, Dad...

Wait, wait, I got a better one:

"Hold my burqa, I'm gonna try something."

I thought maybe their feet were never really touching the ground. It kind of looks like the nearest "rider" had a tether around his waist, as evident from when he hangs out of the door sideways. Aren't they just mimicking walking over the road?

My usual response to weird hobbies is: "Well, if it keeps them off the streets..." may bear some re-thinking.

Insane. Unbelievably insane.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha haAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!" *sudden silence*

We used to practice trick riding by 'bouncing' off the ground at a full gallop and back up into the saddle. Crazy fun. Rollerblades don't work so well in rodeo dirt.

I'd bet that road is really slippery when it rains ...

Oh ... Saudi Arabia ... nevermind ...

Actually, the road was incredibly icy - They were mimicing ice skating. Mr. TCD's brother got back from his 2nd tour and they had lots of snow and ice there this winter. Still crazy, but you know, 3 less suicide bombers ...

What, don't they have cable or something entertaining over there!

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