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April 29, 2008


Huge beaver rampages through Russian store 'for vodka'

(Thanks to Bill Billingsly)


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He was just looking for a good martini.

Drunken Beaver Rampage WBAGNFARB.

Looks like he's about to do some serious kung-fu on the shop keeper!

Drunken Beaver Rampage would also be a good title for a porn film.

Very true, jug. One I'd pass on. If I were to watch p0rn, which I'm not.

You're right Siouxie. I bet its not nearly as enticing as The Seat Sniffers.

I guess *I'd* need a drink TOO if my house was in flames!

So, they blame the wildfires on the drunken beaver?

Drunken beavers are what they called trashed sorority girls back in college. I'm sure any frat boys reading this were disappointed by the photo.

"The beaver proceeded to make several mixed drinks and place the glasses on his broad tail to carry back to his thirsty forest friends."

I will not divulge what was going through my mind after I read the headline but hadn't yet read the story.

i think that photo may have been faked. that beaver wasnt nearly drunk enuf.

Some beavers prefer gin.

Who hasn't used vodka to get some beaver?

*raises hand*

*seconds that motion*

Who hasn't used beave--

Um. Never mind.

I HATE it when that happens.

That's no way to talk about a lady....

Photo is some sort of modified guinea pig, NOT a beaver.

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