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April 28, 2008


Boss Lo Mein

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Chop Suey?
Chicken à la Chueng?
Cheung Fried Rice?
General Cheungs Chicken (now with REAL Cheung)

In this corner, Xian Ming "Wally" Wang and in this corner Tat Chung "The Beav" Cheung in a no-holds-barred, steel-cage Cleaver match!

The Samurai Chef lives!!

Long Pork! The other other white meat!

Call Siouxie! It'll be

Machete versus Cleaver!

Whenever I am challenged to a duel I choose sledgehammers at fifty paces . . .

"He first of all took hold of a brush from the kitchen sink and began to bang it against the sink..."

that was the other guy's cue to take hold of a guitar and start strumming.

that's kinda how the rock bottom remainders got started, i think.

Kung POW

♪ Everybody gets Wang-Cheung tonight ♫

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Mr. Tat felt quite cut up about the attitude of his employee. He felt that a chef should be a cut above such behaviour.

i'd challenge my boss to a dual with office equipment, but damn, paper cuts really hurt.

i like the idea of dueling with my boss. yeah. but no cleavers, beaver or anybody else.

*Opens cookie*
You will make many new friends soon.

Lucky numbers: 7 months to 5 years

I wonder....if the boss had gotten close enough to make a cut to Wang's chest, it could've been tit for Tat.

(Thank you! I'm here all week! Be sure to tip your S.B!)

*opens cookie*
That wasn't chicken."

Punkin, or possibly Wang's wang.

If he'd hit him would it have been a lo blow?

I said make #37. Chop chop.

The secret ingredient for today is.....


Hey Siouxie,

Sad news... Massachusetts JUST banned machetes.

(What took them so long? It's not like Mass. was ever a producer of sugar cane or anything.)

A little easier on the MSG next time, OK?

LOL daisy - (you got that right!)

Punkin, noooooooooo!!! guess I'm not moving there.

Anger management anyone?

Shush, Elon. If we want your opinion, we'll give you one. ;p

ooh, SNAP! ^5, Annie!

Punkin - why did they ban them? I used one in NY for land surveying, to cut thru woods and stuff. My chainsaw didn't fit in my back pocket.

Annie - Someone finally realized that there was no legitimate eason for anyone to be walking around Boston with a machete.

I think they may make an exception for brides during Filene's Basement annual wedding gown sale.

*tosses an R up to "eason"*

need more coffee...

Poor Big Papi. Now someone will have to cut his meat for him. :)

I think it had to do with certain out-of-town fans visiting Fenway, but I can't say for sure which.

There are a lot of very good uses for a machete. Most are even legal. I've YET to get one for the new house but I always had one in my garage. Very useful for cutting up garden snakes and trimming shrubbery.

Filene's Basement? Oh, that is SO legit. TALK about cutthroat!

*2 snorks @ Layzee!*

*zips in*™

*snork* at Annie's comment to Elon. ;)

*ignoring possible NYY slur*

Last week we had a big wind and half my tree broke/split and my gardener used a machete to chop up the Fallen Branches, WWBAGNFAclumsyRB.

Hmm, that gives me an idea...

Meanie, our Wang is 5-0. HE can cut it.

Don't you worry, Annie - I'll handle Papi's meat for him.


Hey BFF?? Let me know if you need help with that ;-P


My newest baby girlbaby.

I made her myself. She's a real doll.

crap. linky no worky

Psssst...Punkin?? linky no worky.

How about this???


Very purty. And creepy. But purty!!!

It looks very real. Good job, girl!

Thank you.

And I'm sure the fact that I am making dolls that look like real babies has no psycological relevance to any past life trauma.



*tosses h up to psychological*

need more valium...

Wang placed a cleavage cleaver on the counter of the busy shop and screamed: "One for me and one for you."

You?? psycho?? NO WAY!!!

*grabs machete and goes to her corner*


*smoooooooooooch* ya know I wuv ya!

here's Big Papi waving at ya!

*resists temptation to bring up Sox-sweep by Rays this weekend*

OT, if anyone else out there watches House, it's on Mondays now and there's a new episode at 9 tonight...

*wets bag of cement and swings it toward CJ's alleged brain*

OT response:

I do, and I'll be flipping channels between that and Dancing with the has-been stars.

Continued OT:

I'm having a little trouble accepting Kumar as a doctor...

Accept him. Or Siouxie go Kung Pao on your wang.

I'll be a featured guest star as the patient that presents with a bag of cement fused to his skull; House swipes my pain-meds.

Nice talk after they let him out of Gitmo and all...

Chris, I've had no problem since I've never seen any of the Kumar movies. I plan to keep it that way.

My DVR runneth over on Monday nights, what with Two and a Half Men and all... Thanks for the update, Steve!

Two and a Half Men, let's see, that's Bush, Cheney and Condi, right ??

I was thinking more like McCain, Obama and Hillary, Steve ;-P

♪ Everybody gets Wang-Cheung tonight ♫

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 08:51 AM on April 28, 2008

Bravo, Meanie!

And in case any boys out there are celebrating a birthday ...

Seven months? What happened to the 30 minutes or free law?

The trouble with this whole Chinese cleaver thing is that a half hour later you're bloodthirsty again.

Nothing's more scary than an angry chef holding a big Chinese knife

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