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April 29, 2008


...Oh so screwed.

(Thanks to 98,329 people, all of whom pointed out that alcohol was involved)


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This is why repeating the vows is not a great idea . . .

Isn't it romantic??

Siouxie, was alcohol involved in sending this in?
I know it's involved in dealing with anyone from the grating state of PA.

Sounds to me like a good time was had by all.

It could be worse. He could have had "fickle finger" bobble heads as a thank you gift for the guests.

If it turned out that the wait for an appointment to see him was less than three months, I'd still keep him as my dentist.

"The bride, still wearing her wedding gown, was picked up by her father. The dentist left on his own, one eye swollen shut, wearing tuxedo pants, a bloody T-shirt and one shoe."

Makes you wonder how things went at the first wedding in the Bahamas, eh?

I would have anger problems if I had to stare into people mouths all day.

Not ALL of PA is grating.

Wedding vows, divorce vows, if you've seen one you've seen them all.

Sounds like they should've gone for the Eddie Murphy-Tracy Edmonds "only symbolic" wedding vows. Now the dentist how a symbolic eye injury. I hope he finds his other shoe.

Annie, I do believe I had had a few glasses of vino when I sent this.


A$$hat and no cattle.
Unless you count the bride.

Dang, late again!

"The dentist 'used a karate-style kick with his leg.'"

As opposed to, say, a karate-style kick with his arm?

BTW, Tuxedo Pants, A Bloody T-shirt and One Shoe WBAGNFA Rock Song.

No drilling! No pliers! No anaesthetics! Extractions the simple, natural way!


Sounds to me like a good time was had by all.

I really don't understand the purpose what he has said in this blog. Its totally filled with irrelevant comments.

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