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April 29, 2008


Here's a useful map.

(Thanks to DMS)


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Is that where the crimes were committed or where the bodies were found?

Wait a minute. Gun Club Estates is adjacent to Palm Springs Airport? Isn't that asking for trouble?

The bright colors make the map disturbingly cheerful.

The bright colors make the map disturbingly cheerful.

so disturbing i stuttered.

So I guess "wood chipper" is counted under Misc?

Baligurl --
Just don't click on the pins. The one-year-old who was stabbed was determined to be a "not gang related" death.

I'm glad my in-laws sold their place in Stuart now.

Yikes. I'll stay in OK for now.

So, stay out of drugs and gangs kids, m'kay?

Aunt Shelly, don't look.
DPC - make sure you use safety goggles with that chipper. Don't want anyone getting hurt.

central park at 3 am in the dead of winter is probably safer.

Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, here I come!

Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, here I come!

Hooray for Hollywood?


I can't decide if the answer to the gang/drug related question is more disturbing as Yes or as No.

Misc. ????

I saw that impaled thing, too, spif. Made me thimk of a CSI Miami episode.

If there are any machete-related deaths, I assure you I was NOT in or around Palm Beach in 2007. Annie's my alibi.

Annie's your alibi? Isn't that like putting the mouse in charge of the cheese? Just sayin'...

Annie - Samantha Padilla was 90003 when she was offed??!!?

Uh, yeah, what Sioux say. The gator did it. He likes mousies best of all. :)

DPC - I saw that. Bad enough to be offed, but to have a typo, too....man.
bali - the mouse ain't talking, either. Gator's gonna get him. It's a small world, after all.

good to know, Annie.

queensbee, Central Park is definitely safer.

When we were in Florida all the news was about the 3 abductions & murders at the Boca Town Center Mall.

queensbee: as proof, just ask a certain CNN reporter who was in Central Park at 3AM recently.

I think I just saw Aunt Shelly driving north on the PA turnpike at a high rate of speed.

Ironically, this letter from a Floridian appears in the latest TV Guide: "CSIs are supposed to be all about clues, aren't they? And yet the state of Florida does not have front license plates, and twice they have used a front plate to help solve a crime on CSI: Miami" ... !

Layzee! Stop Aunt Shelley! The PA Turnpike runs east and west!

Is there a runway anywhere near?? Aunt Shelly might be trying drive to her plane.

I don't think she'll make it. For some reason, she's hitting a lot of cross-traffic.
(and *snork* @ you Aunt Shelly-ites!)

Dear God. What do you have to do to be considered "misc" on THAT list?!!

As long as Aunt Shelly pays the toll, she can take 476 north without a problem.

The crazy thing to me, Carol, is the fact these are the deceased. How many survived all that mess? Holy Moley.

We demand our own color pin. We want green!

*snork* @ Annie the gator.

Are gator attacks homicides? Cuz they look pretty crafty to me.

when analyzing the map, it's important to keep things in perspective.

the good news is that, if you happen to reside in the subject area, you will probably not get strangled.

the bad news is you will still likely die in some other horrific manner.

Rats - green is already taken by 'stabbings.' They always get the good colors.
Hmmm. We'd like turquoise, but we look simply awful in it. Maybe, if it's not too much trouble, a nice chartreuse? We don't wanna be a bother or anything.

*faints* *thud*

You gators, always whining.

Stupid snake. Why don't you go reticulate yourself!

What does a cartilaginous fish have to do get some respect around here?


I got your reticulation. Right here.

Just you wait till we finally get to Florida.

Gator is an imposter and probably a carpetbagger! Cartoon alligators are green, but the ones you have to outrun/swim are black. Feed him/her to the tourists, he's probably just rancid!

Wait, I'm confused. Is it guns kill people, or people kill people, or little blue balloons mark where someone is going to get shot?

Holly - some unknown entity takes little colored darts, throws them at a map, and people die accordingly.

Stop it! You guys are killing me!

Annie, if you've ever seen this little gem that's exactly what happens. Richard Boone finds that every time he sticks a pin in a map of the cemetery where he works, someone dies. It's creepy as hell, and it's not even a Vincent Price movie (!)

Oopsie, sorry Meanie. Guess I shouldn't aim at NJ so much.
Steve - never seen it, but you are quite the en-psycho-pedia.

It's alright, Annie. My snark-o-paranoiameter went right past whatever you're referring to. (Maybe someone paid it off?)

Meanie - I thought you meant I was tossing little push-pins at a map of NJ and 'killing you.' (see Steve's post.)

Nice to see no-one was killed in Yourami. (It's not my Ami.)

WTH is the difference between "cut", "impaled", and "stabbed"?

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