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April 29, 2008


Guys have style.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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He clearly suffered for his art.

Don't click at work. Although it's even funny on mute.

While there is considerable debate about whether or not I have style (OK, the debate is really over and the results, like myself, apparently, do not look good), I definitely don't seem to have a working link to this post, only to a banner with a link that changes each time you refresh it.

I got to read the highly stylish and amusing coffee colonic post - was that the intended stylish subject?

Meanie, a very stylish guy shaved his chest in the Superman logo and went on a search for the perfect cape.

I'm going out on a limb here butt...I'm guessing he's single.

Er, OK. Thanks, Cat. For some reason, that's not what I get, but maybe more coffee will help.

My co-worker is a Batman freak; he'll LOVE this!

Listen, I don't want you nimrods giving the script people here any ideas, OK ??

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