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April 29, 2008


I just heard about this on the radio here in Pittsburgh, but haven't seen a story in print yet.  It seems that the Pittsburgh Pirates accidentally gave away an obscene bobblehead at Saturday night's game against the Philadelphia Phillies.  I was actually at that game, so I went and looked at my brand new Tom Gorzelanny (he's a left-handed Pirates starting pitcher) bobblehead, and sure enough, he's sticking out the middle finger on his right hand.....it's as plain as day.  I'll attach a photo that I just took so you can judge for yourself.
As a FYI, every fan at PNC Park on Saturday night got one of these free upon entering......from little kids to old grandmothers.  Methinks their promotions department will be in some hot water in the coming days.

Trent Whitney



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Isn't that the international sign for a pitch high and inside (aka the beaner)

Well, at least he wasn't scratching his nose.

It also looks like poor Tom G. is desperate for a trip to the men's room. This is some promo.

Or his crotch, Cat.

IDK Sioux, the crotch-scratching may be an improvement over the 'I REALLY have to pee' look.

Watch for old Billy Martin films on the morning flush. Howa 'bout that.

Where is George Steinbrenner when you need him to take blame?

News story with photo at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24355572/

Evidently people are already selling them on Ebay.

The AAA club in the Pirates organization drew more fans to their home opener than the Pirates have to half of their home games. Pittsburgh is down near Marlins levels in attendance (except about 30,000 Phillies phans made the trek across the state for that weekend series to make the totals look respectable).

Natcherly . . .

"THIS is how you spell my last name . . . "

I'm sure glad I'm not still with the game any more. You guys are crazy, man ...

oopsie. Too funny!

Obscene Bobblehead would be a good name for a rock band

I'm no expert, but don't many players stick a finger out of their glove like that?

I've seen some players who do that Braniff so it's not unprecedented but the promotions department should have seen the obvious gaffe in advance.

Some? I'd say "most" ...

It's been prevalent for a long time, tho I dunno where it came frum ... nobuddy did that when I wuz a kid playin' baseball ... nobuddy in the Show, no ... buddy ... but then, that wuz ... a ... long ... LONG ... time ... ago ...

Haha. Reminds me of Christmas many winters back. Hallmark had a special promotion of Peanuts Gang characters gathered around the Christmas tree. It seems our particular Hallmark had gotten in a shipment of Snoopy figures for it, with his head on backwards. He was wearing a sweater and scarf and top hat. It wouldn't have mattered for any of the other characters, but Snoopy has this tail, see . . . Needless to say, My mom and I returned the ornament to the store and began opening all the other boxes, looking for a 'nice' Snoopy. We were laughing hysterically by the time we ran out of boxes - ALL of them were backwards! Here's an image of the original: 95charliebrownxmas

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