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April 30, 2008


There's trouble brewing in Ecuador.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Okay just as long as they hurry up already!

SNORK! at the picture with this line in the text:

"Assembly member Maria Soledad Vela, who belongs to President Rafael Correa's party and sits on a committee defining fundamental constitutional rights,"

Sittin' pretty in that "committee".

It's about damn time!


I will give any woman seeking sexual fulfillment my undivided attention.

Guys will be fine no matter what law gets passed.

*snork* @ MKJ, only because I assume you're kidding...ha, ha...ha.

Annie, I chose to ignore that comment from MKJ.

I love the picture caption: "Some sex, yesterday."

What time does the geezer bus leave for Ecuador?

Viva Ecuador!!!

Viva Ecuador!!!

Really. Viva...

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