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March 28, 2008



(Thanks to sjhaller and Justin Barber and Baron vonKlyff and of course Siouxie)


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Darn, you beat me to it, sj.

didn't mean to poop on your parade, JM...

I feel a movement coming . . .

Good thing he was already doing #2 - iycmd.

HEY!! why am I always "and of COURSE"??? sheesh!!

Musta scared the sh*t outta him.

Too bad it wasn't an Outback.

Siouxie, you should be proud, because that's the very essence of my all-time favorite Roger Ebert review ...

Am I expected to believe that this did NOT occur in FL?

"The man asked not to be named because he is selling the house and did not want the incident to interfere with the sale."
yeah, I'm sure no one will notice the SUV-sized hole when they tour the house.

any person who keeps two rolls of TP (with them neatly folded) deserves to be kicked off the toilet. He was obviously planning on being there a very long time.

This guy doesn't need laxatives, though... After the accident, he went for his colonoscopy.

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