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March 26, 2008


Corn snake surprise.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Hmmm...an American snake in Belfast??

I don't think Sam Jackson got 'em all...

Good to see Donald Trump made it to Ireland safely. For the record, you can keep him.

Snake... I thought he was dead.

"Corn Snake Surprise"

I could swear I had that for dinner at Luby's once.

I'm surprised that's not a story about Australia.

Where was St Patrick?


Breaking, SHOCKING News: Heather Mills wants more money.

{"It's a wee bit different, not what you'd expect to find when you come home from work," he said.}

Makes me wonder what he normally finds.

*waits patiently for Hammie to wave his snake at her*

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

(will settle for your hand, thanks)

Ugh. Name it "Oliver Cromwell" and sell it on eBay.
*waves Hammie @ corn snake*

that snake had a more william of orange look to me...

"Born a member of the House of Orange-Nassau, William III won the English, Scottish and Irish Crowns following the Glorious Revolution, during which his uncle and father-in-law, James II, was deposed."

Uncle AND f-i-l the same person?

was this Kentucky?


The families must have been WAY more fun back then.

Oh and btw, Merri Lee - I read that too. What an effin' one-legged ho. I feel like smacking her off her good leg.

psst, Siouxie, you have the machete, give her a matching set.

*snork* @ wicked!

(help me hide the leg??)

(help me hide the leg??)

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

*snork* @ insom!

LOL, jug! You know those crazy kids - euphemisms for everything!

*Waves @ Diva!!!*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

jug, if I had to put money on the blogger most likely to be featured in a blog thread story....just sayin'.

**pssst!** guys, don't forget to check out the French first lady pics in the same newspaper. That is all.

Oops, the same one as the Heater Mills complaing article

Hammie, just what are you waving????

*waves back at Hammie!!!!*

--Insert Monty Python joke here--

Baron, don't diss Luby's. Thirty years of Luby's profit sharing (deceased hubby was a unit manager) placed in a safe investment has allowed me to be a 'ho of leisure.

LOL Tex! I wanna be a ho of leisure when I grow up.

Hidey 'ho, Sioux!!!!

heh! Time for a 'ho down, Tex!


The Pirate Woman claims that $70,000/yr in child support isn't enough. She's also moving to America (it worked for Yoko Ono?) I assume she'll be getting P. Diddy's baby's mama's attorney - she made him raise his MONTHLY child support checks from $12K to $22K, even though he was also paying his health care, school tuition and clothes. WTF does he eat?

Sioux, it's hard to keep a good 'ho down.

She just will never give up. She's a publicity ho, in addition to everything else.

Texgal, With enough cinderblock and chain, and with a sufficiently deep lake, you can keep just about anything down.

Good point, Hammie.

Eleanor, I do hope that you're referring to the Mills 'ho and not the Texgal 'ho, 'cause I is a higher klass of 'ho.


I don't know if you've heard the 25th Anniversary of Thriller, but the owner of The Beatles' catalog cut Paul McCartney out of "The Girl is Mine."

It's not easy being Paul these days.

snork @ Texgal

Now up for bid on ebay: a corn snake in the shape of the Mississippi river.

Tex, I was going to ask El the same thing. As a Cuban-type ho, I'd take offense.

Hammie, I'm sure you don't speak from experience - but thanks for the tip.

The building managers just found a snake in the heating ducts of the office next door.

*runs screaming out of blog*

I would take umbrage but El keeps hiding it.

*snork* @ Hammie.

It's hard enough for me to keep my lunch down after hearing about Heather...again.

*Hands Merri a hoe to kill any snakes slithering nearby*

Disclaimer: Texgal is not afraid of snakes and prefers to let them live so that they may eat terrorist rodents living near the homestead.

Siouxie, if you need to take umbrage, you can have some of mine. I have plenty.

Ooooo ooo oooo, Pirate Woman
You've got the alimony in your eyes
oooooo ooo oooooo Pirate Woman
A lust for money you can't disguise

Thank, Baron - you're a pal!

*tosses an 's' ^there*

JEC666: don't be making stuff up about that . . .

no thank you, i prefer annie's candy corn snake surprise to start my day.

"Corn snake surprise"

Sounds like something my mom used to make...

Absolutely, Texgal and Siouxie. I know both of you are way classier than Heather ho. ;)

Merri, I'd be gone, gone, gone. And then I'd find someone to sue. ;)

And yes, I have a large supply of umbrage stored away. I could be persuaded to sell some of it, for the right price. See: Mills, Heather. ;

... and don't they make medication so you don't HAVE to beat the snake to get it started in the morning??

all my umbrage has been used up due to excessive media coverage of politics. jeez, i'll have to wait until after the election to store some more up. now instead of taking umbrage i just get pi$$ed off.

Re lack of snakes in Ireland

That'll teach an orange snake to go sneaking about in a Catholic kitchen.

*snork* @ Mr Death

*huge laugh out loud snorks* @ D2B!!! You go, girl!

MKJ, does this mean that we no longer have an excuse to get drunk as skunks on St. Patty's Day???

Say that ain't so, Tex!

Diva, there's no reason to let a little reality get in the way of a good time.

The Irish send us beer, and what do we send them? Snakes! What a bunch of ingrates we are.

It's ok, Guin. They taste like chicken. Especially the Orange ones.
*spits in the general direction of Brittania*

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