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March 29, 2008


Because of the nipple-ring outcry, the TSA has revised its body-piercing policy.

(Thanks to Jim J)


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What will Gloria Allred do for publicity now ??

Good news for traveling, nipple-ringers everywhere.


*gets out Bacitracin, soldering iron & needle nose pliers to reinsert all her piercings*


Reminds me of when a coworker wanted to show off her nipple ring. What the girl really should have done was not show it off to us.

I hate happy endings.

*ahem* ...the situation in which she found herself?! Makes it sound like she made this trouble for herself! Nothing like blaming the victim.

"They can take my nipple ring when they can pry it from my cold, hard...PASS THE BRAIN BLEACH I JUST HAD A FLASH OF CHARLIE HESTON WITH A NIPPLE... OH THE HUMANITY!

I suppose the real question is: Do you feel safer now while traveling by air, with such TSA agents "protecting" us? I can't really imagine a potential hijacker threatening a plane full of passengers with a nipple ring...

Myself, if a prospective destination isn't within a convienent driving distance, I've decided I don't really need to go there. Screw it.

I guess I won't be getting that nipple piercing after all. Just not worth all the trouble.

I hope she sues for 10 billion dollars. There was no reason to remove those rings, except to harass and humiliate.

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