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March 18, 2008


This blog has to laugh.

(Thanks to Keli Minick)


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"Same durable plastic as used for car & truck bumpers". Does it come in chrome?

"No chance of misplacing winning tickets"

That's because there are none!

i'm so going to order one for my sister-in-law. she has to vacuum her car every week to get up all the stuff that she scratches off. by the end of the week the carpet is covered.

This is the gift to get when you dont know what to get the person that has everything! And, the perfect gift for everyone's mother-in-law!

my uncle would love this. he's addicted to scratch offs.

I'm holding out for the new version featuring the beer can holder and ashtray.

Do members of the target audience also tend to bid on a frosted flake shaped like Illinois?

A fool and his money are soon parted! Now, 50% faster! Geez.

Yes! Now you can lose neatly!

i dont think people have realized how dangerous those scratch off shavings are. we should probly alert homeland security.

There's a huge safety problem with this product: What about all the people whose mullets get caught when they shut it? This situation has "liability lawsuit" written all over it!

The irony is that the $12.95 spent on this piece of plastic is STILL a better investment than the scratch-off tickets themselves.

I don't need this any more. I just got e-mails letting me know that I won 500,000 pounds (I need that L symbol for pounds) in the United Kingdom Lottery, and another 850,000 pounds from Oxfam UK! As soon as I send them all my personal info, I'm in retirement city!

What happened to your Nigerian pot of gold?

Braniff, since you'll be rich, can I interest you in a toenail clipping in the shape of the moon??

Siouxie, sounds good, but I will offer no more than $100,000. And Texgal, those Nigerian bast%&*&s never sent me the money.
I'm also beginning to think this Oxfam deal is a bit fishy, since Oxfam is a charitable organization dedicated to eliminating poverty. Then again, maybe I should be flattered that they've decided to relieve my poverty!

Wickedwitch - in West Virginia, scratch-off shavings are holding a lot of car carpets together. My cousin Clem sweeps 'em up and uses 'em like Bondo...

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