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March 01, 2008


...outlaws will brandish cologne.

(Thanks to sjhaller and Siouxie)


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From the mug shot, the would be robber probably needed to be doused with cologne to make him acceptable to be near. Obviously from the shallow end of the gene pool.

At least he will smell good in jail for the homeys.

And if he *does* end up behind bars, I hope he doesn't wear this ... !

He should be charged with aggravated assult with a deadly scent. I'm guessing Brut.

Nah, Steve, but it'll be an acquired scent.

Yikes to Steve's link. After all the work we do (showering, washing and changing clothes, using deodorant), someone's going to put sweat, etc. smell on on purpose?!!

guess he couldn't afford "chanel no. 5-to-10"...

Tex, my guess was Stetson.

Kristina, my guess is it's for use by geeks who don't have any of their own. Kinda like leveling the playing field IYKWIMAISYD...

*SNORK!*@ l'Insom.

He probably won't be eligible for time off for good behavior if he uses this.

They probably use that in Mysore, Meanie.

*GAGS @ Steve's link* Why didn't you send that in?

My guess is Old Spice, Brut and Stetson are too classy for this guy.

The gun-shaped bottle of cologne the assailant was carrying broke, spilling Stetson cologne on the assailant.
Probably got it for Valentine's Day and thought, heeeeeyyy...

He should have gone with Aqua Revolva.




Trying again. This might be what this guy used...


Trying again. This might be what this guy used...

That would "fool" me.

snork @ Stetson cologne

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