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March 26, 2008


A rugby team.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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FIRST... with an East Texas, Pollen-laden, Sneezin's Greetings to everyone!

They put him in "time-out mode" with a "klap" to the head.... hmmm.... was he 8?

a good klap?

Did that require later hospitalization?

Yay, DavCat finally got posted! *eyeroll* ;)
I hope that drunk doesn't sue. That would be the American ending to this story.

you've got that right, Annie!

Is a good klap the Down Under equivalent of a SiouxieSmack? Is she secretly an Aussie/Cubana Rugby player?

juggie, Sioux is the smack trainer for the team. Our gal gets around!

D2B, I feel your pain. Zertek has become my new best leeetle friend.

I must have some distant relative down under ;-)

It's getting difficult to tell what color my car is supposed to be. Hey Tex, is it "love bug" season down that way yet?

Frikkie Erasmus? He needs to give his parents a good klap.

"Klap" spelled with a "K" instead of a "C"?

Did this article accompany the Bolor Supplement?

I don't have any kids, but aren't "time-outs" what children get when they are bad?

When I was a kid that was called a "spanking."

I think I have a new favorite sport! PS, Meanie, I was thinking the same thing! It sounds like a Belgian swear word.

Is a klap the same as a b*@ch slap?

Expat, you silly bunt.

Mot has to be so proud right about now. I nominate the whole team for official Texan status.

I second Doc's motion...

Meanie's a Monty Python fan...I wondered who'd be the first to get that.

What? The rugby players gave this guy the klap?

Diva, I once got the klap from a rugby team player after a night of drunkeness passion. Easily treated with antibiotics. Whut?

The team members are now official honorary Texans.

Laughoutloud! Now I can believe that is an Australian story.

The Western Stormers are from Cape Town and are the team I support, and yes, klap is Afrikaans for a Siouxie type smack

Mot, your use of klap is sure a lot cleaner than what I was thinking. I know -- that's a shocker.

^5s Tex. :)

Tex, I don't give that type of klap either. Well, not any more. :-P

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