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March 28, 2008


The Kyrgyzstan Headless Sheep Wranglers


(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Rugby on horseback?

Siouxie, care for a quick game of Kyz Kuumai ?

Howard Cosell alive again on the far left.

Sure, Steve!

*Beats Steve with her kamchi*

Snork @ lil! Good catch.

Spring is here
Why doesn't the breeze delight me?
Spring is here?
Why doesn't the night invite me?
Maybe it's because...
...all the hawt guys are riding around fighting over a ^&*ing HEADLESS SHEEP corpse! Ya think?????

While the carcass gets carried back and forth across the fields of Krysig Kzygris central Asia, the rest gets sent to ................

*smarts from kamchi swat*

Nice talk, Siouxie, and here after I tried to buoy your spirits back there in the "You're Not Safe Anywhere" thread ...

I hadn't noticed the head was missing - ack!
Thanks for nothing, Blue. ;)

This quote:

"We journalists make it a point to know very little about an extremely wide variety of topics; this is how we stay objective."---Dave Barry

was in the comments of this article:

The FBI's not-so-safehouse


Exactly how many "'stans" are there? Are the "24" writers being credit for naming random terrorist sounding countries now?

hehe..sorry, Steve. ;-)

Geeze, and I thought guys caught "in the act" with sheep were weirdos...

Anytime, El. You know I'm good for nothing.

-stan is the second most common four-letter ending among UN Member nations, trailing only -land and beating out -blic (as in republic) and -ania. The -stan morpheme means "land."

Now THAT's a polo match! See why I like that game so much? (I heard polo got a similar start using the head of the losing general after a battle - really)

I'm surprised no one had mentioned that Headless Sheep Wranglers WBAGNFA Sam Raimi film

Meanie, are you looking for 'Sheepshead Bay'?

Yes, Annie. (Ellipse was a link).

Meanie, that was sneaky! My eyes did not pick that up either.

I wear glasses, you know.

I am a geek do, too, Cat. I'll try and be more geek-friendly considerate in the future.

Behave yourself, Meanie, or we'll make you live in NJ.

I dare you.

involves a rider chasing after a girl on horseback in order to steal a kiss. If he is unsuccessful, she can beat him with her kamchi – a horsewhip.

Gawd how I miss college.

The -stan morpheme means "land."
Posted by: oneblankspace

I used to work with an exchange student from one of the stans. I asked her about this and she said no, that it could more accurately be translated to fortress, redoubt or refuge. Anyway it had a more militaristic meaning than the pc press would admit to.

fivver's right - 'stan' means 'fortress.' The proper term for 'land' is 'ollie.'

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is there anything more romantic than a game of chasing the girl to steal a kiss followed by a rousing game of throwing a sheep carcass around?

I'm thinking the answer might be yes. But that's a big "might".

Annie, I always thought the proper term for "land" was "kukla".

*wonders what the proper term for 'land ho!' is*

Now I know where the term 'pulling the wool over your eyes' comes from.

*snork* @ Annie Where-but-Hardy, Schade and Layzee!

sheep heads, sheep heads
rolley polley sheep heads
sheep heads, sheep heads
eat 'em up, yum

Layzeeboy, is this what you're thinking about? (the one on the left)

"Headless Sheep Wranglers"

Also a great name for a band...

They used to use a headless human back in the day.

Once, running out of meat at your BBQ meant social death, but not any more, thanks to Ghengiz' Home Delivery.

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