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March 28, 2008


(Thanks to Lisa Gibson and DavCat)


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I can see the movie now: Fantasteeech Voyage.

Especially if S.W.A.T is applying the procedure. Lisa Gibson?

So we know it works in pig colons, what do we have to lose?

I know Bob Gibson.


You will be assimilated.

Give it up (heh!) for "The Propelling Probes"!

*snork* @ Rick

STICKY FILMS! euwwww! Isn't that what shows up on the monitor?

It's the successor to the Roomba. It even comes with little speakers to play the sound of a latex glove being snapped onto a wrist.

Aliens been doing this for decades.

Oh, please, please, please...do NOT let this information get to Prince Charles. It was bad enough when he wanted to be a tampon.

*sends bleach emitting street cleaning vehicle through her brain*

*Clenches and stays clenched*

Butt puckering, Meanie?? and *snork* @ Mot!

Of course, Siouxie. ;P

SNORK! at Betsy. And fivver, I was thinking Fantasstic Voyage.

Actually, I was thinking this sounded like a really creepy science fiction movie.

Actually, I was really, really thinking that had I stayed on top of the cutting-edge technology better, and studied robotics, I'd be sitting pretty in the job market right about now.

Actually, I rethought that last one and considered the testing and quality control phase of this kind of item's project life cycle, and I think I will pAss. IYKWIM. AITYD.

lends a new meaning to 'what crawled up his a$$?"

Slithery & colon are two words that just shouldn't be used in the same sentence..

"Snippets of Pig Colon" WBAGNFApunkB

Ick. Aren't there fish in the Amazon that do this already?

What could possibly go wrong?

Robo-Gerbils? This is bad news for Hollywood pet stores

An ad for "Smoothie Kings" was in the middle of the page!

...any similarity to gerbils is entirley coincidental.

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