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March 28, 2008


But we are willing to give it a shot.

(Thanks to Doc Rick)


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Like I needed another reason to crave chocolate!

YUMMMM chocolate.

Now where's that truck full of Hersheys™???

I think that truck got hijacked by the Headless Sheep Wranglers to celebrate their victory, Siouxie.

The last medicine I took regularly for cholesterol caused me to die. In fact, I'm not here now.

Yay for Doc Rick! Yay for chocolate! Yay for no lil rascal!

Whoa, got a little carried away there. Gotta lay off the peeps.

Mars is asking for it as far as a recall and class action lawsuits are concerned. We have watchdog groups in this country like the FDA and AARP for righting wrongs as far as candy taken as medicine and causing leakage or death is concerned. Well, not counting Massacheuttes (Can't spell Ted) and NY. They are on their own. Leakage-wise.

OK, that's chocolate which I need for low cholesterol, the wine I need for my heart, now all I gotta do is figure out a way to rationalize this big slab of prime rib and I'm good to go ...!

Anybody signed on with the AARP? You would have to be blind to send these peopoe real money. I'm thinking of starting a non profit organization and taking advantage of the senior citizens of an entire country. GAYMTMFNIR. 'Give all your money to me for nothing in return.'

*smacks* Steve!

Now you need the steak for your black eye.

You're welcome ;-)

No, you fools!!! Don't you people see what's coming?!!

Prescriptions for chocolate, at prescription prices!

*scarfs snickers, feels better*

*zips off to buy stock in Hershey's*

free prescription chocolate! once i meet my cocoa-payments, anyway...

Steve - protein is great for muscle growth! Rare, medium or well-done?

*Hopes for 100% coverage*

Well, I'm sold. Of course I would still buy it just because it's chocolate.

OK, the belly is a muscle, right??

Yes, Steve, a very relaxed muscle.
*waits patiently for Meanie to be completely covered in chocolate*

Plant sterols lower cholesterol. They have not been shown to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

I have been called a dip in my time, Annie.

What next, then?

Yeah, like we should trust any research funded buy the companies who benefit from the - *gasp* - results!

Harkens back to the prescription pot in vending machines... Who'da thunk the prescription candy companies would have come up with it FIRST? *Still looking for the doobie machines*

Give it up for the Cocoa Flavonols!

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