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March 29, 2008


But... this?

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Mom always told me he'd come someday.

...but I guess now he'll be naked.

Amazing what people leave on the bus, isn't it ??

"I am Arthur, King of the......oh crap, there's my bus...."

Rusty, come home!

The suit of armor was heard to mutter, "Oil can! Oil can!" After it was slathered in WD-40 the armor asked police if they'd seen the little girl with pig tails and scarecrow he'd been traveling with. The suit of armor was then tasered and carted off to a mental facility for further observation.

Lairbo- Unfortunately for police, this simply ignited the suit of armor and it began to destroy the local eatery owned by John Conner.

Police chief Ima Dork had this to say, "Next time a super sentient knights armor asks for help, we will simply help it out."

Police are now on the lookout for a man dressed as Odin.

Er, pardon me, when is the next bus to Camelot?

Explains the ticket holder at the local bus station....

The trip left him an empty shell of a man.

My wife makes me wear the armor because I fall....

SNORK at Sandy.

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