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March 07, 2008


Beware the Chicken Smoker of Doom.

(Thanks to Corey Smith)


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First to want one of those.

Oh for pity's sake . . .

It'll be stolen within a week. Sadly. Good idea, though.

Terrill is chasing out unsavory-looking characters

...with BBQ sauce?


"'This whole square is enveloped with homeless people and drug dealers, defecating, urinating, prostituting -- the whole nine yards. And the overflow of that behavior, we get to cleanup every morning,' she says."

Hmmm, overflow indeed.

Instead of water, how about blaring Barry Manilow music?

Bran, that would fall under "cruel and unusual punishment." The D.C. Supremes might get miffed.

Give this guy a medal. At least he's doing something.

There's an upscale mall in Tampa with a couple of entrances that would be ideal for loitering. These entrances are sheltered, as they connect the mall with enclosed parking garages. They play really bad elevator music - stuff so bad that Muzak wouldn't touch it. No problemo.

better than the chicken choker of doom...

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